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Title: RCL Fishing Update?
Post by: Jmcclure83 on September 04, 2015, 12:04:09 PM
I'm going to be up there in 2 weeks and was just wondering what folks are catching them on right now?  Iím usually pretty good at finding/catching them out of the creek, but Iíve found that the lake seems to be more hit or miss.
I donít flyfish so Iím looking for powerbaits, lures, and bubble/fly combos (and retrieval methods) that are working.  Hot lake locations would be appreciated as well.
Title: Re: RCL Fishing Update?
Post by: Scout on September 06, 2015, 10:14:20 AM
I just did my third "creel survey" yesterday, lots of people fishing, lots of fish being caught. Once again, the folks who knew what they were doing were catching fish. Here are a few ideas. All directions for the Lake are given from standing by the boat docks looking up up the canyon.
The first good spot is the sand beach to the right of the docks. Fish are stocked at the launch ramp, and, in my experience while stocking, 99% of the fish swim to the right, toward the creek that flows in by the Group Camp. Although they tend to go all over the Lake, a lot of them just hang out in that cove from the docks to that creek. Bubble and fly are usually very  productive there in the evening, you'll see them starting to rise. At least 4 feet of leader from your bubble to the fly, vary your retrieve from slow and steady to erratic, moving the fly a little, then stopping it, then moving it...just keep experimenting until you find what they like. Try Mosquitoes, Elk Hair Caddis, maybe an Olive Matuka or Wooly Bugger....or ask in the Resort, they can give you the latest.
The same goes for lures...Thomas Bouyants (Perch pattens always do well, but they all seem to work), Kastmasters, anything heavy enough to throw it out there a ways. Vary the speed of your retrieve, and the depth you let it sink before you retrieve, until you find them.
Powerbait always works, Garlic, Chartreuse, Salmon Peach are a few favorites. Try a sliding sinker above a swivel at least four feet from your hook. The weed beds on the bottom will be pretty thick this time of year, if you use a shorter leader, your bait will be down in the weeds instead of above them, where the fish will see it.
Without a map, locations will be tough to describe, but here goes....
The upper right cove, just before you get to the big granite wall is a good spot. The upper shore, on both sides of the inlet is good. I always fish the lower left corner, in Rainbow Bay, on the North shore (remember, Rock Creek Canyon runs North to South from Tom's Place...always confusing). Most of the left side up to the upper shore is kinda slow in my experience. I saw some nice stringers on the lower shore, from the docks to the outlet.
I hope this helps....if nothing else, if you've been in one spot for awhile and haven't caught anything, move to another spot...I'd try the beach by the docks....
Title: Re: RCL Fishing Update?
Post by: Jmcclure83 on September 08, 2015, 11:27:40 AM
Thanks Scout!  What size flies and ounce lures do you usually use?
Title: Re: RCL Fishing Update?
Post by: Scout on September 10, 2015, 09:06:03 AM
I usually use #16 flies, because that's what's in my fly box. 12s or 14s should be okay, #8 of you're going to try Matukas or other streamers. 1/4 oz. spoons ( I don't usually use spinners, but the Lake record was caught on a #0 Mepp's cast from never know). Just keep trying whatever you have in your tackle box until you find one they like.
Good luck, there are a lot of big fish in there.
Title: Re: RCL Fishing Update?
Post by: Jmcclure83 on September 10, 2015, 09:36:30 AM
Thanks a bunch Scout!!