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Title: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Fishing4Gold on May 04, 2017, 09:26:22 AM
Any advice on the best ways to fish from a float tube in the June lake loop area? This year will be my first time having a float tube and I plan on fishing from it every day early in the morning at silver lake where I'm staying. Looking for advice on any flies, lures and I was also wondering what length leaders you guys recommend for indicator rigs and how far apart the flies are. Thanks in advance to any replies! Tight Lines
Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: P A C on May 04, 2017, 10:12:39 AM
Congrats on the equipment and the consecutive number of days you will be able to enjoy both the equipment and the beautiful area!

Not at all intending to be a 'Debbie Downer', simply out of an abundance of caution, I'm offering the following suggestions for your maximum safety and enjoyment by starting off the right way.  June Lake, Silver Lake and Grant Lakes in particular can experience very heavy winds.

As you have stated this is your first time, I would STRONGLY encourage you to start the trip off with a lesson specific to float tubing in the Eastern Sierras from an experienced and licensed local Fly Fishing Guide.  This is primarily for your safety, as well as to maximize your time and efforts.  They can teach you safety under their supervision, and also provide you with technical instruction and the latest inside info on where to fish in each of the Loop Lakes and what to use.

The water will be very, very cold due to the extended spring run off, you will need to wear appropriate layers of thermal clothing underneath your waders.  It is not summertime at the beach :-).  In a similar late, heavy winter year I have 'wet' waded late in the month of June in RCL at the inlet, in shorts and water up to my upper thighs, and within 15 minutes began to shiver uncontrollably. 

There have been several instances of mishap, hypothermia and even deaths that have occured from inexperienced float tubers not being knowledgeable of what and how to prepare for water temps, weather conditions, etc.  There is at least one post thread in the archives of this board of an unfortunate man that lost his life on RCL when the float tube he was using in questionable weather conditions flipped over from a heavy wind gust and he was unable to 'right' himself upwards. His son posts his thanks and appreciation to all that attempted to assist his father in the middle of the lake, however it was too late.

Again, my suggestion is not at all to discourage you but to ensure that you get off to a great, safe and knowledgeable start to you your fist experience float tubing and added benefit from it for the long run.

Have a safe trip and lots of fun!  P A C

Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Fishing4Gold on May 04, 2017, 10:25:32 AM
Thanks P A C, I appreciate the advice, I should have mentioned I've fished from a float tube in other lakes when I was younger, but this will be my first time in the Loop. I still might hire a guide, in my previous trips I've seen first hand the wind, it can be pretty bad!
Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Mcgee Dude on May 05, 2017, 12:25:28 PM
I love stripping bugs on a float tube. Leeches to. I like green and red. Nothing like fishing from a tube! Good luck!
Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: saudust on May 07, 2017, 06:06:26 AM
Fishing 4 Gold, most float tubers fish the south end at Silver Lake.  There's a parking area off the road there with easy access to the lake, plus a convenient restroom.  I've done best with Olive Matukas and Wooley Buggers with a small split shot.  There are two channels that run north/south through the lake at that end.  The drop offs can be holding on both.  You'll cross a bed of shallow growth underwater as you enter in that area and jsut pass Wallace Berry Island the first drop occurs.  You'll know, the growth disappears.  Dry flies are best t match the hatch or you can talk to Andrew or Gary in the General Store for some tips.  Per PAC, the wind can be brutal, but the south end has the best protection.  Hey, try the shallows near where Rush Creek enters and at the outlet on the north end, too.

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Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Fishing4Gold on May 08, 2017, 08:17:36 PM
McGee, sounds as if a lot of people have luck doing what you mentioned, that will be definitely be tried my first day out I appreciate it! And saudust thanks a bunch for tips on location in the lake, I've e only fished it once from a boat so that should help immensely, most of my shore fishing was done on the south side of the lake and I had good luck all week we were there, appreciate both you guys replying!
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Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: fshrsmn on May 10, 2017, 10:00:57 AM
I had many, many years of great fishing in a tube. Just make sure it has all the safety options available. It's best to "test the water" in your tube locally so you know exactly how to maneuver. Know also that when in cold water your legs may not operate quickly, so at first it may be a good idea to stay within an area you are sure you can make it back to land. PAC is right, there was a man who lost his life at RCL, and all the efforts to revive him failed. I know, I am his son and one of the ones who pulled him out of the water. Please be careful...and have fun.
Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Fishing4Gold on May 10, 2017, 10:38:13 AM
My condolences on the passing of your father, and Thankyou for the good tips and wishes! I've definitely been in the pool trying the float tube out, pretty stable so far and I sit high out of the water.
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Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: fshrsmn on May 10, 2017, 02:10:38 PM
Please post back with a fish report on your trip. I have not fished the June Loop area that much except for the back country. I would like to hear how you did in the tube.
Title: Re: Float Tubing 101
Post by: Fishing4Gold on May 10, 2017, 07:09:00 PM
Will do! hopefully with some fish to talk about! lol