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Title: how to post pics
Post by: Little Hardrock on July 29, 2017, 12:11:36 PM
we had a request for how to post pictures...   I use photobucket, I know others use different ways... care to put them here to our members can choose their best options?

I use photobucket..

you upload your photo from your computer or phone to photobucket..     (which depending on how many you are putting in there, and your internet, can take a bit)

once the photos are in photobucket..

start your thread on this board... 

then open photobucket in another window. ( I have a 'plus' sign on a tab at the top of my screen to do this)   so you have access to both this board and photobucket

 open a photo you want to put on the board, and you will see off to the right, a column of ways to share.. on mine, its the bottom one..labeled IMG..  copy that link by right clicking on your mouse, then past it onto the thread in the board.   (when you paste it to the board, it looks like it was pasted twice.. this is how it is supposed to look)

you can write between photos on your thread,, skip a few lines to put space between your photos if you would like, otherwise they connect to each other.. 

I usually have both the board, and photobucket open at the same time, going back and forth between the two...   start my thread on the board, go get a copy of my photo, place the photo, skip down a few lines,, write something, go get another photo... back and forth, back and forth

when some of us do long posts, we have lost them part way thru.. so if you are doing lots of photos, you may want to do several posts.... part 1, 2 etc.   or post what you have, then go back and hit edit and add more..  that way you wont loose what is already in there:)   (hitting edit will also let you change where things are if you wish)
Title: Re: how to post pics
Post by: Gary C. on July 31, 2017, 03:10:43 AM
I've always used photo bucket also but things are changing. All of the other sites I go to people are saying the same thing. I got my notice a couple weeks ago that PB was changing to a fee subscription to have the ability to post to internet sites and it's not cheap. Go into my profile and look at my pictures. They are all gone!! All of my pictures on several sites are now gone and the posts are pretty much worthless. I'm surprised that more on here have not been notified or at least noticed there missing pictures. I need to decide on a new hosting site before I can post any other pictures in the forums. Rumor has it that many of the other hosting sites will be doing the same thing.
Title: Re: how to post pics
Post by: Little Hardrock on July 31, 2017, 06:29:22 AM
well that sucks!   I know I went 'ad free' on photo bucket.. but that was cheap.  I haven't seen nor heard anything about sharing to forums yet tho, so sad.......come on folks.. what sites are you using to post pics?
Title: Re: how to post pics
Post by: P A C on July 31, 2017, 04:35:28 PM
It appears that many of the images posted on this site are now disappearing.......I just read a post about East Fork Campground, then went to Beldingi's post from a few years ago that showed the maps of the RC Canyon Campgrounds and all of the images in her post are no longer visible, yet they were just a couple of weeks ago when I last looked at them.

Like Gary C said about his images now missing from his posts.  How truly unfortunate - so many people have posted so many images for our enjoyment and many appear to now be in jeopardy, if not already removed.

I am sure hopeful that all of the hard work expended and the images posted that WSHawkins , and many others, have shared with us is/are in some way able to be preserved.

Hoping for the best - P A C 

Title: Re: how to post pics
Post by: wshawkins on August 03, 2017, 02:41:54 PM
What Happened to Photobucket?

A few days ago, without any advance warning, Photobucket sneakily changed its terms of service to block third-party hosting, or hot-linking as itís called, on nearly all of its plan tiers.  Most people use Photobucket for the ability to link from images on Photobucket to forums, such as ours (Rock Creek Message Board).  So this seems like a baffling move?

Until you realize the scam that's afoot: The only way to get your images to show up again is to pay Photobucket $400, upfront, as an annual subscription to its most expensive plan.  Thereís also a $40 month option too ($480 yr.).  So basically Photobucket is holding your photos for ďRansomĒ.  Pay up or lose them.

I went ďad FreeĒ on Photobucket for a few dollars an month, so no impact on me yet.  But looking at Photobucket latest update to their terms of service, all Photobucket members will be impacted by December 2018 when all photos on all forums will go blank, unless you upgrade to the unlimited 3rd party hosting plan for $400/yr.

I donít know what others will be doing but I canít support a company that treats their customers this poorly, so Iíll be looking to replace Photobucket and look at other Photo and Image Hosting sites.  Already signed up with Flickr, Imgur and SmugMug with their free service plans and will play with these sites with my photos to find whatís works best for me.
Title: Re: how to post pics
Post by: Little Hardrock on August 03, 2017, 06:07:14 PM
ok, this is crazy!  that is an amazing amount of money!

so.. if anyone out there wants to save a copy of any photos on this board... you had better start saving them to your computer...   we shall see what dissappears.. how sad