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Title: Questions on fishing in the sierras
Post by: BenButton on August 06, 2017, 10:49:04 AM
Hello all I found this board a few years ago when I first went up to rock creek lake area. Read a lot of very useful information here. East fork is where we stayed and my group enjoyed greatly. The very well maintained campground was really nice.  Went last year in June and go rained on, snowed on, hailed and blow away by the wind.  Little lake valley would have to wait. 

I use to fish as a child on the piers in Florida north of ft lauderdale. A few years ago I resumed fishing in trips to tuolumne meadows esp. tioga lake with some success I just remember it bein so much fun. Two years ago I saw a trail head at the entrance to the park on tioga red. I looked on the map a saw it was gaylor lake, tough hike at first but what a find. Caught some fish too in the middle lake. Had no idea there where four other lakes to discover, that happen last year. Again a nice day fishing, pretty much all by myself, and a million mosquitos.

Had a few questions as i prepare for another trip up there. All trout related

1-If your on a hike a few miles in and 15 min drive back to camp, what is the best way to save any trout you may catch fresh til you get to camp. I have been using a stringer, keeping them in the water then put them a xl bag with some of the water.  Is there a better way?

2-  I have have using the panther martin lures and spoons, but for changing out lures I usually use a snap swivel for easy trade out, connecting the new lure right to the swivel.  Is there a better way without re-tying the line directly to the lure.

3- year think of going to gardinski lake off the road to saddlebag. I realize snow may be an issue this year. Anybody fish that lake?

Thanks much for any replies

Title: Re: Questions on fishing in the sierras
Post by: wshawkins on August 07, 2017, 06:22:57 AM
First off, welcome to the Rock Creek Message Board!  As for your questions, my 2 cents:

•   I have several ways to keep fish fresh until I get back to camp.  First, I use zip-lock bags.  The freezer bags are best (Toughest).  2nd, I use my Articreel, an excellent creel that keeps your fish cool throughout the entire day.  On long day hikes where I don’t want to carry my Articreel, I stash my fish in zip-lock bags and store next to my hydration day pack.  Works almost as good as the Articreel.  And finally, when I hike back to my truck I have an ice cooler just for my fish, cooled down by several frozen ice packs.

•   I don't like using snap swivels because, their unnecessary extra items that have the potential to fail and to scare fish.  More hardware for the fish to see/feel, meaning less bites/hookups, more weak points in your line and extra snagging when the additional hardware is fished around structure.  And most lures won't work as they were designed for if you use a snap swivel.  Lures perform best with the knot tied firmly to it such as a palomar knot.  This is a strong knot that's fast and easy to tie.  If you’re fishing with a jointed minnow lure or a spoon, use a no-slip loop knot.  Some lures (plugs) will need to have a split ring added to them so they aren't constrained by the clip.  If you insist on using a snap swivel, use one as small as possible. ;D

•   Gardisky Lake trail is clear and the lake is ice free.  Really beautiful hike now with wild flowers out if force.  One warning, this is one tough hike (straight up!).

Happy fishing!   :fishing3:
Title: Re: Questions on fishing in the sierras
Post by: BenButton on August 08, 2017, 10:09:56 PM
Thanks for the great info