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Title: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: Gary C. on December 07, 2017, 02:42:01 AM
Since the site is so slow I figure everyone must be shopping the net for Christmas bargains. What have you bought?

I found a hooded down jacket for my grandson for $38. I don't expect a lot for that kind of money but couldn't beat the price for a 12yr old. I ordered myself a shoulder back for day hike fishing the high country. My wife has me shopping around for a dual k-cup/regular coffee maker but I haven't found the right one yet. I hope that you are all enjoying this time of year.
Title: Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: wshawkins on December 07, 2017, 08:20:35 AM
I got down jackets for my family too except for me as I prefer to layer up instead.  With the cold snowy season from last year, I had as many as 5 layers on!  Evan with 60% off sale, I still paid more for them than you did Gary.  Also picked up some cross-country skis on the cheap for my daughters. 

For me, I found a good quality new day-pack (Camelbak) for half off ( with lots of pockets with up to 3 liters of water and a place to secure your fishing pole.  Fishing vest from Orvis (50% plus free shipping).  Orvis makes the best vests as I had my old one 20+ years.  For the wife Iím still looking at quality knife sets (Expensive!) and new pots and pans for our new induction oven we purchased.

Hope nobody being impacted with the wind driven wildfires impacting Southern California.  Stay safe and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends this season. :hiking2: :fishing3:
Title: Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: Gary C. on December 11, 2017, 02:42:22 AM
Sierra Trading Post and Steep & Cheap have really been fighting for their piece of on line sales. I got the down jacket at STP so cheap because it was on sale and then they had a day where they offered an additional 25% of any order. I always use Amazon for a price comparison check before ordering. Amazons free shipping can make a difference compared to some other deals.
Title: Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: P A C on December 11, 2017, 09:01:41 AM
Gary C. -

A little off-topic, and you may know of this based on some of your travels you have shared on this board;

the 'Steep and Cheap' name brings back memories of decades ago where the Slide Mountain/Mt. Rose Ski Areas (never were viewed as 'Resorts'  :lol2:  ) used to use that term as their informal marketing slogan.

If anyone reading this has never been, this/these two Ski Areas used to be separate and competing businesses adjacent to each other along NV Highway 431, aka the Mt. Rose Highway.  The 431 runs between the very southern most point of the city of Reno, NV, exiting off of the 395, and continues southwest over the Mountains and drops into the northeast shore of Lake Tahoe (Incline Village).  The highway is very steep and has a lot of curves on both sides of the mountain. 

The runs were very short in length or duration, however because they are located at the top of the mountains in that area the runs were very steep.  And since each business was relatively small and out of the way, in order to attract locals and UNR students on a budget or little spare time, they had to price the tickets EXTREMELY cheap in comparison to the larger relatively nearby world-class places like Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Heavenly Valley (as they were named back in the day prior to the multi-state multi-resort mergers and acquisitions that have since occurred)

I remember back in the mid to late '80's as the aforementioned big resorts were pricing north of $50 for as single day ticket, Slide Mountain and Mount Rose were prices at about $17!.  Yes, you did get what you paid for, but if you didn't have time or funds to spend on an entire day to justify $50+, these smaller places were in fact - 'Steep and Cheap' and great fun!

Gary - thanks for the info on the website as I had never heard of it before, and the memories that the name pulled out of the deep past!

All the Best, P A C

Title: Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: Gary C. on December 12, 2017, 02:28:31 AM
I can picture the promotions in my mind. "So steep that you might die but we send you out for cheap"  :rotflmao:

As for the web site here is an example of how much the sales are jumping around. I ordered my wife one of these coats this morning for $37.49 but this evening they have bumped up to $52.48. Steep and Cheap has some great deals when it comes to outdoor gear but you need to order when it's right which is always a changing.
Title: Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
Post by: fishpole on December 12, 2017, 08:53:09 AM
Good info Thanks Gary C.