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Title: convenient but not cheap way to get to Mammoth area
Post by: IW on March 16, 2015, 07:51:33 AM
For our trip from the San Francisco area to the Mammoth area for our family wedding a week ago we flew on United Express from SFO.   (Also can fly from LA and other areas.)  Fairly full flight and seemingly some were going to Mammoth for the skiing that I assume is best in the higher elevations.  Plane was an hour and a half late because they didn't have a plane available at the correct time at SFO.

Flight from San Francisco was just over an hour.  And if the weather is questionable my nephew who flies from LA quite often to ski, you run the risk of the plane not landing if it's very windy or the runway is icy or snowy and you end up back at LA. And you run the risk of the flight from Mammoth to your home airport being unavailable if the weather isn't good.  Nephew has had to rent a car one way with others who were stranded driving to LAX to get home for work the next day. 

Not sure of what it costs to fly from LAX but more reasonable if you have to be there and don't want to long drive from SFO for a family gathering as we had.

Didn't have to deal with getting to Convict Lake where our family wedding was taking place because the Convict Lake Resort picked us up when we came in and relatives drove us to the airport to fly home on Sunday morning.  I probably would have driven but my wife balked at the long drive with the normal summer routes blocked by snow and the need to drive long distances to go via the Tahoe area or the Bakersfield area.
Title: Re: convenient but not cheap way to get to Mammoth area
Post by: Little Hardrock on March 16, 2015, 02:25:22 PM
I have wondered about this airport.. I have read some scary stuff about the winds, and having to drop onto this runway.. that the pilots had better know what they are doing:)

but lucky for me... it doesn't make it any more convenient:)   
Title: Re: convenient but not cheap way to get to Mammoth area
Post by: IW on March 16, 2015, 05:50:58 PM
My son-in-law was driving by the airport several years ago just as a plane didn't make it airborne enough to miss the large hill at the Bishop end taking off heading in the Bishop direction.   He didn't see the actual crash but saw the fire and the emergency responders at the airport heading down the runway towards that end of the runway and I bet he wished he'd been a few seconds earlier with a camera ready.

I don't remember if anybody was hurt or killed but when he reported a week or so later what he  saw it sounded very frightening.

My LA nephew who comes frequently during the winter to trek in the backcountry didn't seem to think that it was all that scary and that the pilots aren't afraid to NOT LAND or NOT TAKEOFF in spite of passengers needing to go either way.

Of course he's also the one who in winter will snow shoe up Rock Creek Road from the Snow Park and then to Mosquito Flats and camp by himself in remote locations at higher elevations.   He frequently sees nobody else.  His father finally forced him to get a satellite phone so that he could report where he was if he didn't contact home often when he's in the winter back country by himself. 

Called me once just to chat and asked if I knew where he was.   Think he had some minutes expiring and just wanted to tell me where he was and how the weather was.

Me....I'd never want to do that.   I guess with age comes more common sense!