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Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Half moon pass
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:48:19 AM »
What a hike!  My father back in the 60's-70's drug me and my brother all over the Rock Creek area and one was Golden lake.  That hike if I remember correctly was hands and feet up to the pass crescent.  Then straight down as the photo shows.

We used to park in that area that was just above RCL and we followed that water pipe up to the trail.  I once caught a fish in one of those little ponds, but never again. 

I still have dreams about hiking up to the Kenneth-Dorothy-Francis lake side to revisit that area.  I want to see again an area just over the hill that my father & his friends called Beaver dam.  I don't anyone else knows of this info, I have tried here with no results.   It was the hill you hiked just above the upper pine grove lodge trailhead.  I better do this or at 58, might be too old to do it! 

Wow!  That's great and thanks so much for the info......I will check the photos on Facebook.   I'm so glad to hear that the lakes are full this year.  Great news! :clap:

Or has anyone been up there this year?  Just wondering if this years snow/rain has filled the area up.

Dino F.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Tamarack Lakes
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:04:42 PM »
The lodge/general store was across the creek (Upper Pine Grove). 

Another funny thing was one time we were hiking up to Kenneth, the trail takes you up the hill and then it levels out.  That was always the time to tell my father that me and my brother needed to rest a minute or two.  So we are sitting on a rock resting when all of a sudden we hear what sounds like a vehicle in low gear about 50 yards coming forward, where some brush was hiding the vehicle. 

To our shock and amazement, this Ford Bronco with two guys in it, stops the car, they get out with their fishing poles and continued on.  Later I learned that the road was Sand Canyon road. 

And to think we hiked the trail all those years and didn't know..........

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Tamarack Lakes
« on: February 26, 2014, 08:04:20 AM »
Way back in the  60's and 70's, my father took us to Rock Creek about 3 times a year.  We always camped at Upper Pine Grove.  Man do I miss it!  We would venture up the trail to Kenneth and  Francis.  Sometimes Kenneth had fish, sometimes not.  The interesting thing about Kenneth was the wooden water gate at one end that allowed water to run in these 2' wide and about 2' deep streams that actually had fish.  Francis from what I remember had rainbow trout and they were good size.

Now bear in mind, I left out that little pond that is just over a small embankment as you reach the top of the trail.  That small diameter pond  (50ft.) had golden trout.   One time we were there, a sheepherder  was bringing his sheep through there.  I even have a photo of that.   

Also, there was a small beaver dam that was close by.  From Upper pine Grove campground, if you look up at the mountain, you would see a larger aspen patch towards the top.  Beaver dam is right over that if you try to go straight up the mountain.   There used to be a guy that lived up there and would come by the lodge to buy things  (or trade).  He was nicknamed "the  Colonel ".  This was when the lodge was run by someone called "Kibby".  Not sure if that was the familys last name or his first name.

Last but not least, there is the pond.  We used to fish it  sometimes 3 times in a 4 day trip. 

You ought of seen the people at camp marvel at us when we returned with a stringer of fish. 

I'm sworn to secretly on what bait we used.  This was the best time of my life.   


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