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For our trip from the San Francisco area to the Mammoth area for our family wedding a week ago we flew on United Express from SFO.   (Also can fly from LA and other areas.)  Fairly full flight and seemingly some were going to Mammoth for the skiing that I assume is best in the higher elevations.  Plane was an hour and a half late because they didn't have a plane available at the correct time at SFO.

Flight from San Francisco was just over an hour.  And if the weather is questionable my nephew who flies from LA quite often to ski, you run the risk of the plane not landing if it's very windy or the runway is icy or snowy and you end up back at LA. And you run the risk of the flight from Mammoth to your home airport being unavailable if the weather isn't good.  Nephew has had to rent a car one way with others who were stranded driving to LAX to get home for work the next day. 

Not sure of what it costs to fly from LAX but more reasonable if you have to be there and don't want to long drive from SFO for a family gathering as we had.

Didn't have to deal with getting to Convict Lake where our family wedding was taking place because the Convict Lake Resort picked us up when we came in and relatives drove us to the airport to fly home on Sunday morning.  I probably would have driven but my wife balked at the long drive with the normal summer routes blocked by snow and the need to drive long distances to go via the Tahoe area or the Bakersfield area.

Went to a family wedding at Convict Lake this past week, March 12, 13, 14, 15.   NO SNOW even at the lake.   People were walking around the lake and it was a nice enough day that the wedding was held in the area overlooking the lake.   Warm enough during the day to not need other than a flannel shirt of light sweater for most people who are temperature sensitive.

Drove up Rock Creek 2 different days.   March 13 and 14.  A group of young people with packs were walking from the snow park area up the road on the 14th .   Road had a few areas where the snow hadn't yet melted but perfectly passable at least up to the area of Rock Creek Lake Resort and some ruts left in the snow by previous vehicles. 

Maybe OK to the pack station at least but didn't take the time to drive there.  The first day we had talked with an adult leader who said they had planned on walking ON THE SNOW up from the Snow Park but had to change plans since there was no snow.   

The lake is white with snow and from the few areas where rocks had been thrown in beforehand looks like the ice under the snow is still fairly thick but would NOT attempt to cross the lake without risking maybe falling through the underlying ice.  Looks like the lake level under the snow is quite low.

Went over to the camp ground area.   Not very thick snow in that area though some areas in the shade where if you didn't skirt the visible underlying dirt you might, as I did one place in the campground, sink in to your knees.   Some tracks left by people on skis.

Went down to the lake beach area where the not visible river comes in.  An area of what looks like thin ice visible out where the lake deepens where it meets the flow from the river where if you are if you are fishing from the beach you usually could get some fish as the depth of the lake increases.   Some tracks in the area left by someone with a dog who apparently walked across the river to the beach under the snow at the other side.   Saw at a distance a couple of people with dogs.

The area where the campground hosts put their trailer had little snow left around it.

Looks like could be an early camping season!!!

Suspect low  water levels with so little snow.

I posted this at the end of the Pine Creek Mine stories and pictures...great to read them...

I thought I'd like to find out who else is still around who has driven up Crankcase and to the top of Morgan Pass as I have probably 4 or 5 times total.

I wonder how many others on this board have DRIVEN to the top of Morgan Pass as I have at least couple of times before the road form Mosquito Flats was blasted shut...???   We never drove down the other side and just walked down to fish.   The back side was gravely and we were afraid we couldn't pull back up from the Pine Creek side with only 2 wheel drive of our 1928 Franklin.   And then we'd have to drive all the way down to 395 and back to Tom's Place and back up the canyon, then a dirt road to the Rock Creek Lake STORE and around the lake and up the old branch of the old Sand Canyon Road to Rock Creek Lake to our cabin.

I remember however driving UP Pine Creek to the mine in a then modern Chevy or GMS Surburban once when my father was going to see a geologist colleague of his.   I remember when we went to fish, walking down from Morgan Pass, looking from the lower Pine Creek lake down to some of the mine buildings but don't think we ever walked on down since fishing was more important to us on our trips down to the upper and lower lakes.

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