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I found this post on another Eastern Sierra climbing oriented site. Hope this is the 'right' or best section for posting it on this board as it is not a trip report and is a form of 'MEDIA'    :-)

Simply, Truly Fascinating. :bowdown:

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Tioga Pass Area
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:44:37 PM »
So in living vicariously and also assisting a friend plan a trip, the news for this beautiful area's accessibility and local business' kept changing to a more and more dire outlook each of the past weeks, and here are the latest updates:  :reading:

The beautiful and historic Tioga Pass Resort has met it’s match this past heavy winter……
Summer 2017 Hours & Information
Please follow us on social media for updates.

Another nearby and beautiful destination, and sometimes alternative to the TPR as well as the gateway to the Twenty Lakes Basin is:

Saddlebag Lake Resort: 
(Check out the picture on their Home Page as of July 2, 2017)  :shoveling:
2017 Opening???  With the snow accumulation this year it will be a while before we can open.  It looks like there might be some damage to the main General Store...  Until the snow melts and we are able to evaluate the facilities, we are not sure of an opening date for 2017.  (Previously they had posted anticipating an opening at END of July)

As much as I miss being able to go up there, and actually being there, I guess I’m not actually missing much……  :sing:


Anything Goes / Tax Day freebies and deals
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:46:48 PM »
Found this info on USA Today: 

Unrelated to Tax Day, but for National Park Week, get free admission to every national park during the weekends of April 15 and 16 and April 22 and 23.

Several other great offers, some free, like 2 pounds and more of FREE SHREDDING at Office Supply Stores: 

Hope you find something useful and are able to take advantage of it!

All the best, PAC

Anything Goes / How To Post Pictures - Instructions?
« on: March 27, 2012, 11:02:44 AM »
As I said in another post/reply, I was just figuring out the old board - However I never learned or attempted to post pictures.

After previous crashes, one of the long-timers (hopefully that is 'PC' enough - definitely meant out of respect and appreciation for their contributions) would re-post the instructions on How To Post Photos as the question invariably comes up.

Don't remember if it was Little Hard Rock, Rock'n'Creek Girl or Mikki that posted, but whomever it was, or knows, can we all ask a favor that you please post those instructions again, wherever appropriate on the board?

Thanks for your contributions past, present and future!

Best to all, P A C

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Power Bait Fishing Poles
« on: March 27, 2012, 10:51:42 AM »
Now - purely as an FYI, not intending to sound elitist or otherwise.

Yesterday while in Woodland Hills I stopped by a major national sporting goods chain store to snoop around for any closeouts unique to that location.

In the Fishing Dept, Front and Center to the 'track' around the store, I noticed what appeared to be Kelly Green colored, shorter length Fly Rods.  Since my soon-to-be 7 yr old son's favorite color is Green in general with Kelly being one of his favorite shades I thought I would explore further as he wants to learn to 'fish like dad does'.

Upon close inspection, the Display is a specific Berkely branded fixture, and all of the poles and spinning reels on it are specifically 'designed' for fishing with Power Bait products.  The rod actually has a metal reel seat with cork handle above and below.  Farther down the lower portion of cork is a 4"to 6" section of the Kelly Green color rod with another short section of cork below that.  From a distance, I mistook the short green section as a reel seat for a Fly Reel.  For those who know what I am talking about, from a distance, the rod looked like a 7 or 8 ft long Spey or Surf Casting Fly Rod.

Imagine my surprise to discover what it really was all about...................

Definitely great marketing and presentation - If you fish with Power Bait, you need to match your equipment to it (the Powerbait)!  (Kind of like the old days when the cooking instructions on a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese said you MUST use their name brand of margarine (Parkay?) for best results.  ;D From this, I learned my first lesson from my mother regarding not believing everthing you read........and the power of suggestive marketing).

Best to all, P A C

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