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Eastern Sierra Forum / Animal visitors
« on: February 13, 2014, 05:47:34 AM »
This past weekend, as my wife and I lay in our tent in the middle of a valley in the Adirondacks, we got serenaded by a large pack of coyotes. Since most critters are in hibernation, I hadn't put our food bag anywhere special, and it hung on a branch stub by our snowshoes. The last time this happened, I wasn't as worried, as our food was in a bear can. However; the last time  we got the 'yote chorus  it was in Oct. and we were camped on Chickenfoot. Twice I've seen coyotes trotting and sniffing along Rock Creek Lake and wonder if they are getting bolder. I did have a pack ripped and broken into by coyotes camped in the desert out by Hot Creek. (skied in back when it was still legal to swim and there were no restrictions- the yotes  got bacon and butter)  .  We left camp and went over Morgan Pass for a hike, and it made me a little nervous, even though our food was protected. I've also caught a marmot rummaging inside a daypack at the Treasure Lakes.  Has anyone else  been marauded by critters at RCL or vicinity?

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / At the Creek and elsewhere....
« on: September 29, 2013, 07:01:23 AM »

This trip was a great adventure for us. It spanned, spending a night camped in Death Valley,  acclimating at North Lake in the float tube, a trip up the N. Fork of the Big Pine that included going up to 12,600 on the Palisade Glacier, then up LLV over Morgan, then over Mono, then some fishing at the inlet- heading  home we hiked the Methuselah Trail in the Bristlecones. Highly reccomended side trip!!!!!  Landing in Boston, we went to a favorite stretch of surf and landed a dozen stripers.
Our stay at the creek was  topped off by the 3-4 inch snow! The valley was incredible- like a bowl of emeralds and jade and gold topped with diamonds. What a great way to start the winter camping season. After seeing how incredibly receded the Palisade Glacier is, it was heartening to see an early snow.  Fishing in Long and Chickenfoot was off the charts for brookies and bows. Nothing over 12". but many dozens  of fun, aggressive dry fly takes.  As usual, I had a few shots at monsters  feeding out from the inlet- one of these days........
    I talked with other fisherman about fighting the frog, but didn't go to the meeting. We didn't go for pie, but we did send a number of other people in our stead.....We also ate at Tom's and the Taco special was as good as I've had anywhere. Keep up the good work. Some places are treasures. We already bought our tickets for next year thanks to a Southwest special. We're keeping our ears and eyes open and anything we can do to help shorten the reach of the arrogant biologists, we'll do. I'm by nature a very ecologically minded individual, but I'm also an American and staunchly believe in democratic principles. Govt. by the select few, with an agenda fueled by perpetuating grant money seems to be at play here.  Leave the lower areas ALONE!!!!!!
How do they discount the  UV increase? Bufo species are suffering worldwide. 
   Thanks to all the good folks here for the info and just plain fun to keep our hearts and minds where we'd truly like to be. Again- life at the Creek is great. :clap:

Charlie and Nancy

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Mono Pass and beyond
« on: August 25, 2013, 10:40:43 AM »
There's a fire called the Fish Creek Fire, burning  a ways up the Kern Canyon and is of low priority right now.  Problem for me, other than hoping anything in the GTW isn't too destroyed, we were supposed to be taking a backpack up to Funston Meadows in 3 weeks. Right now the canyon and  trail is filled with smoke. As a warm-up and because we love it, the first place on our trip was going to be LLV and up to the Treasures.  I'm heavily leaning on bagging the Kern and hanging around the Creek. Anything good  to fish over Mono Pass?  Worth a multi-day trip?   Any other local suggestions gladly heard.  Thanks. I'm praying RC is untouched by this season's explosion of fires.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Creek levels
« on: July 26, 2013, 06:14:41 AM »
How's the Creek and the lakes holding up? I won't be out until the third week of Sept., but I'm getting antsy....
Any thoughts on doing an extended backpack out of the the Valley? I was already planning a short trip up the Wall to the Treasures and over to the Gems and out, but may consider further ventures, as a I may cancel a trip up the Kern due to low water.  Hope everyone is finding ways to wet a line this dry year.  Crowley must be low and getting hit hard with less fishing to be had  elsewhere.


Trip Reports from Elsewhere / Great Lakes Steelhead
« on: April 02, 2013, 07:18:34 AM »

Had a great weekend chasing steelhead in the Salmon River tributary of Lake Ontario.  Had lots of fish on and the snow was gone from the banks, so only post holed in the woods.  This is a regular trip for me from Sept.  until April.  I also catch large browns, domestic rainbows and King and Coho salmon.  The sunset pic was taken at a mouth of a creek entering the main lake.   The hot fly this weekend was a fly I got in a  Kern River Forum fly swap developed in Ca. by a fellow named Mike Mercer. It's called the Psycho Prince and a bunch are getting tied and going in my box. :clap:  I know they work well on the Trinity.  I have many fantastic  fishing oppurtunities in my region, and close in to home, yet every year we plan and save to come to the Sierras. And every year it's heartbreaking when we leave. Some day we won't.   Everyone has their special places, I'm glad this forum is here to share that.


Eastern Sierra Forum / The " Wall"
« on: January 28, 2013, 05:03:20 PM »
Has anyone gone to the Treasure lakes by going around the North side of Long Lake and going up " the Wall" ? It looks like talus slope, but no worse than the ridge going up and down from Gem Lakes.   In 2011 the water was high and prevented getting to the slope to the west that's easiest to go over from the Gems.  We went over the ridge  by going up a series of  chimneys then traversing talus and a snowfield down. They were just icing out at the end of August.  I'm hoping/planning on going back this Aug/Sept.  Save me a piece of pie for after the hike.


Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Sept. '12 GTW
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:19:30 AM »
Since I'm re-introducing myself to this great forum, I thought I'd post this trip from early Sept.   It started by several long flight delays which led to  being way behind schedule. We had a friend waiting up Bishop Canyon in a campsite we reserved, which we didn't make until the next morning.  I was so out of it putting the pedal to the medal from Vegas, I missed the turn to head out over Westgard and ended up going over Montgomery Pass. We were rewarded by seeing the band of horses with the morning light on Montgomery Peak behind them. The 'yote was somehow spotted out in the brush  while  cruising at 70 . I think the Sierras makes me hyper-aware. I turn into a dull clutz soon as  we hit the east coast again. We met my good friend, Richard who drove up from Poway, and fished North Lake before heading to Horseshoe Meadows to finish a night of acclimatizing. By the time we ate dinner, I had been up for 40 hrs., but I'd hammered the fish on my favorite soft hackle emerger, so it was well  worth it!!!!! :fishing3:

The top of Cottonwood Pass looking out towards the Kaweahs

Golden Trout Creek in Big Whitney Meadow. As we were after pure strain Goldens this was our first destination to fish. We did well.... We camped there the first night before continuing on to Little Whitney. The sunset rewarded us with some great lenticulars.  I love 'em.

We followed Golden Trout Creek to the junction with Volcano Creek, which at this time of a dry year was parched! We dropped down  to the natural travertine bridges  as the creek plummets down to the Kern. At this point we headed back uphill and headed towards the South Fork of the Kern out through Bullfrog Meadow. Our stay at Little Whitney was a blast. We had a great dinner at the old camp, and a great laugh at the seat in the privy. The reading material/ tissue paper was not the usual Sears catalog, it was a magazine from the American Communist Party. You had a choice of reading conspiracy theory or making a political comment by tearing out a page and.... :lol2:   I got a goldie dry fly double!!!!!   
We camped and fished on the South Fork with the usual great success before heading back over Trail Pass. A wonderful 5 day semi-loop. Saw marmot and mulies and cat tracks, but no bear. We finished the trip with some more Bishop Creek and one of my favorite places of all time- Rush Creek where it flows into Silver with Carson Peak looming above. We drove back over Westgard looking down on the green patch that's Deep Springs College  and said good-bye to my favorite place in the world til next year. Well, this year, now!   Can't wait. :hiking2: :tent: :fishing3:    Thanks for looking and letting me share my love for the Sierras with like minded folks.


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