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This is kind of a lame way to post a TR. Tried using a new picture host and didn't resize my pics the way I should have. Been trying to fix it off and on but they finally worked on the High Sierra Topix forum so I'm just posting a link. We had a great time and I hope that you can enjoy the report from there.

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Can't wait to get to the creek!
« on: June 28, 2018, 03:07:03 AM »
It's almost three in the morning and I'm sitting here at work thinking I should just go home. Vacation starts at 7:30 and I'm not getting any work done anyhow. Just thinking about the Sierra. Saturday morning we p/u our permit and head for the Mosquito Flats BK camp and a Sunday morning start up the mountain. Taking it easy and keeping the hiking days short and fishing/resting time maximized. Mosquito Flats to Ruby Lake, Fourth Recess Lake, Third Recess Lake, Pioneer Basin, and maybe back to Fourth Recess before coming back over the pass again to the truck.

We hope the skeeters leave us alone but know they won't. We hope the smoke doesn't bother us but we know it will. Really don't care because we will be high in the Sierra and fishing will be great. I'll post a report and some pictures after we get back.

Strictly Media / Photobucket is hurting and making changes.
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:38:55 AM »
Just a little too late IMHO. At least for now my pictures are back in my posts but probably not for long.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Golden Trout rescue
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:43:05 AM »
It's been way too quiet on here lately. Specially with fishmas just a few weeks away. I got these links from the HST site so I know that some of you have already seen them.

The rescue:

The return:

Anything Goes / Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:42:01 AM »
Since the site is so slow I figure everyone must be shopping the net for Christmas bargains. What have you bought?

I found a hooded down jacket for my grandson for $38. I don't expect a lot for that kind of money but couldn't beat the price for a 12yr old. I ordered myself a shoulder back for day hike fishing the high country. My wife has me shopping around for a dual k-cup/regular coffee maker but I haven't found the right one yet. I hope that you are all enjoying this time of year.

Anything Goes / Another opertunity for free fly fishing classes.
« on: October 23, 2017, 02:59:12 AM »
For those closer to San Diego. Free to even the general public. How can you beat that price.

Iíve been looking forward to this trek into the Domeland Wilderness for weeks but it almost didnít happen. In actuality like everyplace else the winter effects just keep hanging on. The previous week I had called both the Kernville and Lake Isabella FS offices and despite conflicting opinions they both agreed that the road to the trail head was closed. The Thursday before Memorial Day one of the two said the road was open so we took the chance and went. There was still patches of snow along the road and even next to the large meadow getting to the trail head. There was no snow in our meadow tho and I was kind of disappointed because I was kind of hoping to make Sierra slushies in the warm afternoon.

Our group as we crossed into the wilderness, Charley, Sarah, Marshal. my wife Debbie, grandson David, and Mike.

Our first good view into the meadow coming in from the southern TH.

Most of you know how the fishing can be in these little creeks for Golden hybrids. We all had a blast but the real treat was watching the kids. It was just awesome seeing my grandson David get so excited about something other than YouTube videos for a change. He has a lot to learn and understand about fish handling but he is doing better at least.

Charlieís daughter Sarah mostly fished with a fly and bubble but she did take my 3wt for a couple spins up and down the creek.

I was surprised at the size of some of the trout. This is my biggest for the weekend but some even a little larger were seen.

A couple camp shots.

I canít say enough about this woman of mine. Not only does she pack her own gear including a little orange shovel she rolls up both our pads and bags on the days we break camp before coming out of our tent while I make her coffee.

Surprisingly mosquitos were not near the issue as I had worried. I put DEET on at the TH but didnít feel the need the rest of the weekend. Saw quite a few but they werenít biting just yet. I have only had two bites show up so far.

A couple more of the meadow and creek.

Starting on our way back home after a wonderful weekend in the Domeland.

The Domeland has much more to it than the two Kern Rivers. Lots of meadows and little creeks with wild trout to be found. We just need to get out there and find them.

Anything Goes / Free fly fishing clinic
« on: July 28, 2016, 05:30:37 PM »
We have talked about fly fishing lessons here before so I thought that someone might be interested in this. Greg the OP said that I could copy and past it here from the site.

All public is invited to join the Fly Fishers of Orange Country (FFCOC) for a Ĺ day session on casting with a fly rod.
Saturday, August 27th 8:00AM to 1:00PM

For those new to fly fishing or wanting to learn more about this fun and exciting way to enjoy our great outdoors.. Join us! Expert casters and fly fisherman will be hosting a casting clinic at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley to demonstrate and coach attendees in basic fly casts, tips for intermediates, ways to improve your castingÖ which will improve your fishing!
Weíll also have a BBQ lunch after the sessions so you can neighbor with FFCOC members and avid fly fisherman. Share info on the great spots to go fish, ideas on the best gear to get started with, learn more about our club.
What to Bring? If you have a favorite fly rod, reel, line and leader.. Bring it. If not, the club has equipment for you to use. Bring sunscreen, hat and eye protection (sunglasses or glasses).
Although the casting clinic is free, you must RSVP to attend. Please RSVP to Art Prangley: or call 714-270-7090 as these clinics do fill up and weíre limited to how many we can accommodate.
Learn more about the Fly Fishers of Orange County at
Creating the finest custom flyfishing nets on the planet is my passion!

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Memorial Day Weekend 2016
« on: July 26, 2016, 05:01:02 PM »
This trek to Manter Meadow was a return trip of sorts. I had tried taking my Grandson David there four years ago when he was 6yrs old. We made it as far as the old cabin near where the trail enters the meadow but by then he was too pooped out so we just camped the night and hiked out the next morning without ever really going into the meadow. This past Memorial Day weekend at 10yrs old he was more than up for the hike.
My buddy Mike, Grandson David, me, wife Debbie,  and Charlies (taking the picture) daughter Sarah.

I always love to see Snow Plants along the trail.

I could hardly believe how big Manter Meadow was and I guess our timing was good because it was green with the creek running strong with lots of willing trout.

Reaching the south end of the meadow.

From near our camp site where Manter Creek exits the meadow on itís way to the South Fork of the Kern.

We set up camp and put the fly rods together. David has fly fished before sharing my rod with some instruction but this would be his first time with just a fly rod for himself. I walk down to the creek with him and since we were just below the meadow with plenty of pine trees around I showed him the roll cast and let him have at it. About 15 minutes later he caught the trout of the trip and the biggest trout Iíve seen come out of a little creek meadow. As you can see he was very excited and not taking any chances loosing the fish before he got his picture taken.

The next morning he was up before me and back down at the creek. He hasnít been over enthusiastic about fishing so you can imagine how proud I was to find him rolling and flipping flys by himself so early in the morning.

Not much else to say so Iíll throw some more pictures out here that I enjoyed.

The Tiki Warrior

All in all it was a great weekend and I know that I will be back to Manter Meadow again. It was a great place to go for an early season hike. Canít say enough how much I enjoy being a Granpa and seeing this little guy beginning to love the outdoors.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Fathers Day weekend
« on: June 23, 2016, 01:42:45 AM »
My wife and grandson loaded me in the Sequoia and whisked me away to Bishop/Mammoth for the Fathers Day weekend. Here is a series of pictures my wife took of me catching a bow with my fly rod. This is the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek just below Sabrina Lake.

I know it's not good fish handling. The fish ended up on the ground because my wife insisted on a picture of me holding it and he slipped out of my hands. That was her only chance because he went back in the water right after that.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Trout opener 2016
« on: April 01, 2016, 08:40:46 PM »
It's hard to believe that the season opener is just a few weeks away and the board has been this quiet. Does anyone have plans to run up 395 and try their luck? I just started a new job and don't think I'll get to go up. I'm hoping to at least get to read some reports from others that can go.  :fishing3:

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Agnew Meadows to Yosemite Valley Aug 2015
« on: February 16, 2016, 05:00:57 PM »
I've been meaning to write up a trip report on this backpacking trip and I just noticed that it was exactly six months ago today that we started out from Agnew Meadow on our way to the Yosemite Valley. You won't see a lot of pictures of fish or me fishing on this trip because we started on a Sunday and finished the following Saturday. We hiked everyday for a total of 58mls in 7 day which isn't a lot for many hikers but it left me happy just kicking back in the evening rather than fishing.

Saturday afternoon we left Vince and Tania at a friends cabin in Mammoth while three of us drove to Yosemite Valley to leave my Sequoia and catch the shuttle bus back to Mammoth. On our way to the Valley we had seen that a fire had started north of Grant Lake and worried about road closures but kept going so our car would be waiting for us when we reached the valley the following week. Once on the bus in the YV the driver said that it was going to be a race to beat the road closures. When we reached Tuolumne Meadows the dispatch radio was saying that the road was closed with sporadic escorting. We got lucky and made it back Mammoth to spend the night before our Sunday morning start.

Sunday Aug 16th we started out on my 55th birthday from Agnew Meadow on the high trail headed north. The high trail has beautiful views of the valley above the San Joaquin river.

That night we camped near the Rush Creek foot bridge above Gem lake. Monday morning we started up the trail past Waugh Lake to rejoin the JMT.
Our group as we were starting out, Tania, Vince, Debbie, Myself, and Marshal.

Vince as we passed Waugh lake.

I hadn't felt well all morning and by noon I was done in and couldn't go any further. We made camp for the rest of the day and I felt much better in the morning. The place we camped had opportunities for some great pictures though.

Tuesday morning we got an early start for Donohue Pass. Looking back going up the pass

 From the top of the pass, over 11,000ft. You can tell in the pictures that there was still smoke in the air.

South from Donohue Pass.

Looking north as we start down to Tuolumne Meadows.

We had planned to hike all the way to the Tuolumne backpacker camp but because it was closed to kill the fleas we stopped and camped along the river 4mls out in the legal area. It was a beautiful place to camp with some decent fishing and a couple of deer that just hung around camp for the evening.

Wednesday morning we again started early and headed for the FS permit office. We needed to go there because rather than everyone carrying a weeks worth of food we had dropped a re-supply bucket there when we had taken the Sequoia to YV. After picking up or food we went and had burgers before catching the bus to Tenaya Lake. From Tenaya Lake we had planned to hike the trail a couple miles to the bottom of the canyon and camp at the creek coming down from Sunrise Lakes. The problem turned out to be that because of the drought the creek was dry and we were forced to keep going up the hill to Sunrise Lakes. We hadn't planned on the extra miles and everyone was pretty beat up and out of water by the time we got to Sunrise Lakes.

Sunrise Lake 9166

Thursdays goal was to hike over Clouds Rest and down the trail to camp at the Sunrise Creek JMT junction. None of us had been to Clouds Rest before and we were all hopong that it was everything we had heard and it was. Who wouldn't love narrow mountain top ridges with 2,000ft drops on both sides? It was awesome!!

That rocky mountain edge in the distance to the right is Clouds Rest.

From the top of CR.

The trail down from CR was a long ass day but I got a few pictures worth sharing along the way.

We finally made camp Thursday evening after a very long day. The good part was that we would be staying here two nights. The goal for Friday morning was to leave camp set up and hike down to Half Dome and climb it. We had been here before but Tania did not go up and had regretted it ever since. That was kind of the point of all of us coming this way again. I hiked as far as the subdome and decided that I already had my pictures taken at the top so I stayed behind and took a few pictures of the others going up before I took a nap and waited for them to come back down.

A few more pictures from Saturday as we made the trek down to the Yosemite Valley.
A pack train that passed us near Nevada Falls

Not much water going over Nevada Falls, also Nevada Falls and Liberty Cap.

As some of you can probably tell we took the JMT down from Nevada Falls so there aren't a bunch more pictures along the Merced River, no Emerald Pool or Vernal fall. We had never been that way and figured it was time. Once we got to Yosemite Valley we went and got the truck, took showers, ate and went back to the condo in Mammoth for dinner and a good nights sleep before heading home and back to reality. Another great trek with some of my closest friends through some of the worlds most beautiful scenery. Life is good!!

I posted this report in 2010 but it is was lost during one of the sites crashes or upgrades. In any case I'm posting it again because of a request from littlefish for info on the area. I don't think it has much useful info but it will probably be fun to read right before his trip.

I didn't get a lot of fishing in on this backpacking trip but I did manage to catch fish everyplace I tried. Our layover day at 1000 Island lake was a real disappointment, mostly because it was a windy day and fishing was tough. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Friday night 6 of us piled into my Sequoia and with Marshals trailer loaded with our packs we drove to a hotel and stayed the night in Mammoth. Saturday morning we drove to the Mammoth Inn and parked, grabbed our gear and waited on the bus to take us to Tuolumne Meadows. We got to Tuolumne and picked up the permit and started up the Lylle Fork trail. We turned on the GPS to record our distance every day and I showed distances greater than what I had read to expect but what's new about that. We made camp near the back of Lylle Canyon so we could start up the mountain towards Donohue Pass and the Lylle Glacier with a fresh morning start.

Lylle Canyon is beautiful and here is just a taste of what we saw along the trail.

Debbie and Tania at a stream crossing.

Sunday after breaking camp we hike the last part of the canyon floor and started up towards the Lylle Glacier.
The green meadow behind me in the center of the pic is close to where our first nights camp was.

Getting closer to the glacier.

This picture was taken from near our camp about half way up the mountain to Donohue Pass. We had to do a water crossing at the little meadow with all the water in it and the mosquitos were almost overwhelming there. We had mosquitos most everyplace we went but that place was the worse. Everyone had treated there cloths for mosquitos before leaving home and with the help of 100% DEET we faired pretty well.

That is Marshal and Vince hiking up to the glacier.

Monday morning we started for the top of Donohue Pass. I had worried about this part of our hike because of a lot of snow on the trail reports. As it turned out most of the snow had melted and it was a simple matter to go around most of the scarier places. From the same area these pics were taken was our only near serious accident. Debbie fell and when I got to her she was calling for help and saying that she couldn't move. It was pretty scary for me for a minute until I realized that she had just fallen on her trekking poles and with the wrist straps on she was completely helpless.

Deb before her fall.

Mark and Marshal near the pass, elevation 11,000+ ft

From the top of Donohue Pass



Debbie Marshal, Tania, and Mark after descending the other side of Donohue Pass.

From there we continued on the JMT headed for Marie Lakes but after some trail finding problems and being exausted we decided to camp in a little valley below the lakes. I finnally got some fishing in and caught quite a few small brookies from the stream and a small pond.

Our camp in the small valley on Monday the third night out.

Tuesday we headed for 1,000 Island Lake. Pics are from the trail to 1,000 ISL.

We knew that the mosquitos would be bad at the lake so as we approached the lake from above we cut cross country to a very nice place that turned out to be a very wise choice considering how bad the skeetrz were at the lake. We spent 2 nights there resting up and enjoying ourselves. The fishing at 1000 Isl lake was bad for us but I did manage a very nice bow that I will try to get a picture of from Mark to post. As it turned out our camp site was only about 300 yards from a lightning strike fire. We didn't know about it until a fire crew came up the first morning to work it. They came up all three mornings we were there and the only time there was smoke was when they were up there stirring it up.

I fell in love with the view of Banner Peak and it seems most of the pictures from that area have it in the background.
Deb and Tania at our camp

Vince and Tania

1000 Isl Lake
Vince, notice all the mosquitos?


The crew Mark, Me, Debbie, Vince, Tania, Marshal.

Thursday morning we got up early and started for Ediza Lake. Ediza was high on our priority list because I had read that John Muir considered it the most beautiful place in all the Sierra. Don't get me wrong, we all agreed it was a very beautiful valley but we didn't see anything to warrant such high praise.

Along the JMT headed for Ediza.
Ruby Lake

Garnet Lake

Shadow Lake

Finally we reached Ediza Lake

Made camp and started fishing. I did OK on the little brookies and Vince caught a very nice bow right off the bat. I got several more brookies in the morning but only one small rainbow.
Me fishing Ediza

Marshal with a bow

A couple of my brookies

Mark fishing Ediza

Friday morning we broke camp early again and started for Agnews Meadow. From there we caught the bus to Reds Meadow and the backpackers camp for the night. At Reds Meadow we were able to get Cheeseburgers and a hot shower, I don't know which was better. We got up Saturday morning and did Rainbow Falls to Devils Postpile as a day hike.

Mark and I

It was a great trek, no rain, mild temps, and wonderful hiking partners. What more could I have asked for. The miles were a little longer(45mls) and harder(8,367ft total ascent)than we had planned but aren't they always. Mark got a huge blister the first day that plagued him the whole way. Everyone took a turn at getting a little tired and cranky but we all got over it. That's the beauty of this group. We are all friends  and understand and care about each other, we always have a great time together.

Now it's time to start planning next years big trek  :?:

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / 20 Lakes Basin June 25-28, 2015
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:41:21 AM »
I had a hard time getting my buddy Mike to commit to the GTW opener until the reserve permits were all gone. By then my two grandsons decided they wanted to come so it was time for a new venue. Even though I had never been there I decided on the 20 Lakes Basin because of the unlimited overnight permits and relatively easy hike. Thursday morning we drove to Lone Pine and got the permit then headed for Saddlebag Lake. Rather than hike around the Lake we took the water taxi to the back of the lake. When you step off of the boat you are already over 10,000ft in elevation. Once off the boat we hiked to Steelhead Lake and then cross country to Cascade Lake to set up camp.

The boys and I on the trail to Steelhead Lake.

Once we set up camp we decided to fish Cascade Lake until Dinner. I didnít actually get to fish much because David decided he would rather fish my fly rod which was quite alright with me.

Friday we all hiked back down to Saddlebag Lake to meet some friends that had to work on Thursday. By the time we got back we fished the lakes close to camp until dinner.

Chad at Steelhead Lake.

Saturday morning we got up early to fish our way around the loop hitting as many lakes as we could. The problem was that everyplace we went we caught fish and it took forever to get the boys to keep moving. We ended up only going as far as Shamrock Lake. By the time they were done at Shamrock they wanted to go back and re-fish the spots that they had done well earlier in the day. I was OK with it because this trip was all about the boys having fun anyway.

Chad and David at Shamrock lake.

David and I at Shamrock Lake.

Some pictures from around the basin.

My friends Vince and Tania that we had to go meet at Saddlebag on Friday.

My buddy Mike.

On our way back down to Saddlebag lake.

David sitting in the front of the boat on the way back to the truck,

Even if I didn't get to explore the valley the way I would have liked this was a great trip. It is a fairly easy hike through alpine country with great fishing for small to medium fish. Highlight of my trip was when 9yr old David was getting pretty consistent casting the spinning rod and he looked over at me and said that even if he wasn't catching anything this was pretty fun. Always before it was only fun when they were biting.

Now it's time to get on to planning other things. I've a backpack bow hunting trip in the works and our week long trek through Yosemite is coming up too.

Anything Goes / Death Valley Jim FB page
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:39:24 PM »
Knowing that quite a few of you have Facebook accounts I thought that some might enjoy this page. Lots of history, mining, and pictures, he even hosts an AM radio show on Saturday mornings.

Trip Reports from Elsewhere / Durrwood Creek, First backpack of the year.
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:25:50 PM »
With the weather remaining so mild some friends and I decided to make our first trip of the season over the holiday weekend. We hiked the Rincon Trail paralleling the Kern River from the Sherman Pass road to Durrwood Creek. We left Lancaster Saturday morning and drove straight to the trail. It is a difficult hike of 7mls of up and down and up and down some more and more again. If I remember correctly my buddy said that his GPS showed something like a 1,800ft gain and 1,500 descent just getting to camp.

This is from the trail heading north. Those are the needles in the background.

Thanks to the packers keeping a cache at the creek such as grills and cast iron skillets we decided to carry in some luxury items. We had steaks for dinner Saturday night and pancakes with butter/syrup for breakfast on Sunday. We spent the day Sunday doing a little exploring and lazing around. We just enjoyed the spring like day. We even saw a few mosquitos and had a few deer flies buzzing us in the afternoon. The daytime temps were in the 70's and the coldest it got was 33" Sunday night. There was another group that camped down stream from us but they were the only people we saw. Durrwood Creek is a very pretty little creek and I would hike there again. I saw a lot of little wild trout that would be fun in season.

Looking up towards the head waters of Durrwood Creek.

Beautiful little waterfall we found.

My friend Vince giving a little perspective for size of the fall.

"The Needles"

It was a great way to spend a long weekend in February.

Strictly Media / "The Summer of Gary"
« on: December 02, 2014, 08:01:33 PM »
The Summer of Gary

The Summer of Gary started out as a joke by some friends when I got laid off and decided to take the summer off to hike and fly fish and all that other stuff I love to do. Looking through my pictures for 2014 (probably 1,000 pictures) I realized a couple things. First, I didnít do nearly as much fishing as Iíd planned and for the most part the fish I did catch were nothing exceedingly picture worthy. Second, I spent most of my time in the outdoors this year doing family stuff. I got the chance to spend lots of time with my youngest Grandson David building an awesome relationship with the little guy. So even though I donít have a ton of fish porn to show everyone I couldnít be happier with how things turned out. Here are some of my favorite pictures from 2014 ďThe Summer of GaryĒ.

I started out backpacking down the South Fork of the Kern in April 2014 before the general season had even opened.

In May I backpacked with my buddies Vince and Ron to the Little Kern Bridge for LK Goldens.

We day hiked up the trail to Trout Meadows.

Looking south towards the Forks of the Kern.

Trout Meadow

In June I did an annual 4 day trip to Bishop Canyon with a large group of friends.
Feeding the trout at the Whitney Hatchery with my two Grandsons, Chad and David.

In June I also took David camping on the Kern for a few days.
Witling around the campfire.

Resting up from not catching fish on the river.

I started July off by taking David on a backpacking trek to Chickenfoot Lake in the Little Lakes Valley.
Davidís first fish on a fly rod.

After David and I got home My daughter Destiny and her husband Sean brought my Granddaughter Addison down from Alaska for a visit and we went to see The Trail of 100 Giants.

On the way down from seeing the Giant Sequoias we stopped and had ice cream on the porch of the Johnsondale store. Just like I did with my Dad about 50yrs ago.

My wife and I finished up the month of July with our annual week long backpacking trip with friends. This year we hike up the Pine Creek Trail north of Bishop and exited over  Piute Pass and the North Lake Trail.
Pine Lake

My wife Debbie just after we crossed over Pine Creek Pass.

This is me fishing Elba Lake and catching lots of little goldens.

Below the outlet from Elba Lake.

Iíll finish off with a few I really like from my deer hunting season. I never got a shot at a buck but getting to share it with David made the season something special.

The end of deer season and the ďSummer of GaryĒ.

This year our week long backpacking trip was planned around fishing for goldens. The problem turned out to be that we picked what was probably the wettest week of the summer. Because of the weather I never got to fish those really high country lakes that are so secretly famous for their golden trout. I wonít call out the name of those lakes but I will name all of the places we did go. It should be no problem identifying the other lakes. The day that was allotted to hike cross country to them there was thunder and lightning all morning so we decided it was safer to explore closer to camp.

Saturday morning with permit in hand eight of us arrived at the Pine Creek trailhead. Six of us started up the hill to Pine Lake while Vince and Marshal drove to the North Lake trailhead to leave my Sequoia. Being the strong hikers that they are they would catch the rest of us before we reached camp.

I had heard many reports as to how bad the Pine Creek trail is. I didnít think it was quite as bad as everyone says but it wasnít any fun either. All 4mls is uphill with every step and 2,500ft of gain. It is very disheartening to hike for a couple of hours and a couple thousand foot of elevation to be able to look down and still see the parking lot.
Looking up Pine Creek Canyon         

My wife Debbie climbing some of the zillion steps up the canyon.        

Pine Lake

The only thing that I caught from Pine Lake were brookies but some of the other guys caught rainbows as well.      

I was very happy with these pictures I got early Sunday morning of Pine Lake.

It sprinkled on us Saturday evening and as we started up the trail for Pine Creek Pass Sunday morning it was very overcast and sprinkled on/off most of the way up the canyon. This is me with Upper Pine Lake in the background.

The crew from L/R Vince, Tania, Tanya, Marshal, Debbie, Tim, Mike.

About 200ft before we reached the top of the pass the skies opened up on us. It was just pouring rain and thunder and lightning could be seen from the other side of the pass. We decided that just to be safe we would drop back down a ways to a nice bench area to hopefully wait out the storm. The storm lasted a couple of hours and we ended up spending the night there. These were taken after the storm finally passed. There were plenty of little Goldens to be had in the stream.

Monday morning we broke camp and once again started for the pass under cloudy skies. This is where we turned around from the previous day and the trees below that we hid out in the night before.

It started to rain again by the time we crossed over Pine Creek Pass Elev. 11,123ft. This is Debbie again and the view down the south side of the pass. The Royce Lakes are to the immediate left behind the mountain edge in the right foreground. We are headed for Elba Lake which is in the top edge of those trees straight across the canyon but first we will have to drop down 1,000ft just to gain it again on the other side.

 It started raining fairly steady about the time we got to Elba Lake. We hurriedly set up our tents and jumped in for the next two hours. We got out just in time to make dinner and get some fishing in. Lots and lots of little brookies and goldens that couldnít wait to attack our dries. That is the Royce Lakes waterfall in the background.

Tuesday was a planned layover day and it was a good thing because we were trapped in our tents most of the morning because of rain and later a lot ot lightning in the surrounding area. We hiked up to Moon Lake and L Lake and fished them for more little brookies and goldens.
Wednesday morning we again woke up to light rain and decided we needed to keep on schedule so we broke camp and started down French Canyon to Hutchinson Meadow. It rained most of the way down but once we got there we found a great camp site and the clouds cleared away. Once we had a little sun to brighten our attitudes everyone fell in love with the area and all of the guys proceded to catch all the brookies and goldens they cared to throw a fly to.

Vince on Piute Creek.

Thursday morning it was time to start up the Piute Creek Trail towards Piute Pass. We thought about going to the Desolation Lakes for a day but again it looked like rain so we decided to hike to the Lower Golden Trout Lake and spend two nights before heading home. It was really strange fishing the Golden Trout Lakes because we could hardly find a fish in the lakes but the stream below, above, and in between were loaded with the same brookies and goldens we had been catching all week.
Lower Golden Trout Lake.

Had some smoke from the fires.

And of course some more rain.

On Friday the clouds finally went away and we got some sun, YAY!!

We caught our share of fish and did some overdue laundry and fished the rest of the day.

Saturday came and it was time to start for those far mountains and Piute Pass. We made it to the pass by 11:30am.

Getting closer

Tarn below Summit Lake and Summit Lake itself.

The top of Piute Pass Elev. 11,423ft

Itís all downhill from here to North Lake and my truck. That is Piute Lake below.

Because of the weather this year we ended up trimming a few miles and we only did 34miles but it was all good. The rain added a little extra to the adventure if nothing else. I did miss out on the Holy Grail lakes but I always believe in safety first. No reason to take chances in the back country just to fish a couple of lakes. I went with great friends and canít wait until we go again.

I had planned on going to 20 Lakes Basin for my first backpacking trip with just my youngest grandson and myself but that didn't work out. We stopped in Lone Pine and P/U a permit and headed for Mosquito Flats. David was so excited as we loaded our packs on our backs it was starting to rub off on me also. I warned him that he was going to get hot and tired and probably regret the hike by the time we got to Chickenfoot but to trust me it would be worth it. I was right, by the time we got there he said that this was stupid and no one could enjoy anything that involved backpacking.

Mandatory shot just a little before Long Lake.

Since David was so tired we just did a short walk along the shore near camp then ate and called it a night.

From our camp site above Chickenfoot Lake

Chickenfoot Lake

When I got layed off from my job in April I decided that after working for the company for 14yrs I would use the severance pay to take the summer off and enjoy life a little before trying to go back to work. As many of you might guess my wife is less than enthusiastic but understanding and thus "The Summer of Gary" began. You may see the shirt in a few more reports before the summer is over. It was a gift from a friend. The wife didn't allow a JMT thru hike like I had hoped for but so far I've been on 3 backpacking trips and 2 car camping trips.

Wednesday we got up late and I fished a little for a few small Rainbows while David goofed around. After fishing we decided to hike up to Gem Lakes.

That evening after the sun dropped below the mountain and the lake looked like glass the evening rise got started. The entire lake looked liked a boiling pot of water with all of the fish rising. I didn't even bring David's spinning down to the water, we shared my fly rod. With a lot of help from Opa David landed his first three trout on a fly rod, all Brookies. I managed several on my own but for sum reason most of mine were Rainbows.

David's first fish on a fly rod. His older Brother caught his first fish on a fly rod at Long Lake in 2007.

One of mine.

Box Lake

Thursday morning I was woke up by something snooping around in my backpack. I unzipped the tent and looked out to find a bear with his head stuck in my pack up to his ears. I yelled at him to get away a few times and he could have cared less, he just looked up and stared at me. He was about 8-10ft in front of my tent. He started to look in my pack some more so I P/U a water bottle and threw it at him. It hit him in the shoulder and he finally turned around and left, you couldn't even hear him walk away. He was a cinnamon colored bear about 250lbs.

I guess David finally came around to understanding why people work so hard backpacking and that it is worth all the effort. Wednesday night in the tent while we were going to sleep he asked me if even if it was a couple weeks early could we call this trip his birthday present because he was having such a good time.

I just might have a new shadow following me around the high country in a couple years.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Kern River backpack 10/4/13
« on: October 13, 2013, 06:01:24 PM »
I havenít been very active on the boards this past year. It seems as though life is in session. I still owe a report or two from my week long trip back in July. I figured that I would at least post a short TR w/pics from my backpack trip into the Kern River last weekend.
We left Lancaster Friday morning and drove straight to the FS Office and found the permit book in the drop box out front of the locked up office. We filled out the permit for the weekend and headed up river. We were surprised to find the parking lot almost full at 9:30am even if it was a Friday. I noticed that there were three horse trailers and then remembered that it was the second weekend of deer season.
We hiked down to the river and were caught off guard by how cool the water was when we crossed. There was already a group camped at the picnic table so we kept going and camped about a half mile further up river. After setting up camp we started to fish near camp. My second cast and I had one on.

First of many fish during the weekend.

I hooked quite a few more and landed several small fish like the one above and with the exception of a lost 12-14Ē fish I was starting to think it was going to be a dink kind of weekend. Saturday morning I got up and again fished next to camp. At the shop we had been told that a dry dropper was the way to go but everything I was catching kept coming on the nymph. I finally went with a strike indicator and never looked back. I managed a 14Ē and then one close to 16Ē but I donít have pictures of those (of course). My camera kept showing that it could not take pictures with the battery but every now and then it would. I guess I need to replace the battery.

That afternoon we hiked upstream about half way to the Flats and fished our way back hitting different areas at random. My buddy Tim seemed to have the hot stick picking up quite a few fish while it was slower for me and our friend Mike had a very difficult day. It didnít really matter though because the weather was beautiful and the oaks were just starting to turn golden.

As hard as that hike back up out of the canyon can be even it was pleasant this time. Or maybe I was just so happy to be out and doing what I love so much that I didn't seem to notice this trip.

Anything Goes / Problems logging in
« on: February 22, 2013, 05:54:09 PM »
I have not been on as much lately because I've been blocked at work. When I try to log on it says that I am blocked because Mcaffe rates the site as too high of a risk. It's not a big deal because I can still get on at home. I just thought it might be something that you would want to know.

Strictly Media / Ladybug Season
« on: February 22, 2013, 01:57:05 PM »
Some friends and I spent a few days backpacking in the Sespe Wilderness last weekend and it semmed like the Ladybugs were comming out everywhere we camped.

Eastern Sierra Forum / FF Faire in Mammoth
« on: September 10, 2012, 11:37:58 AM »
For anyone headed up 395 this comming weekend you might be interested.

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Mammoth - Edison Lake - to LLV
« on: August 20, 2012, 02:59:04 PM »
It has taken a while to get around to writing this report so it is a couple weeks late. We started out on Saturday in Mammoth on the Duck Pass trail headed for Edison Lake on the west side. The first day we hike to Duck Lake and camped near the outlet.
I think this is Skelton Lake one of several lakes on the way up to the pass.

Duck Lake

Our camp below the outlet of Duck Lake.

Lots of evidence of the glaciers around camp.

Sunday morning we broke camp and started for Purple Lake and then Lake Virginia to spend our second night. I didnít fish while we were at Duck Lake but I was really looking forward to some of the gloldens in Lake Virginia.

From the trail on the way to Purple Lake.

Some of the blowdown around Purple Lake.

We had our lunch here at Purple Lake.

The overcast skies were making for great pictures but we finally paid the price when we got to Lake Virginia. Just as we reached the lake the clouds opened up and it started to pour down. About the time we all got under some trees it turned to great big hail that really stung when you got hit. It turned the ground white but I didnít take a picture until later after we got the tent set up and the hail had mostly melted.

We caught plenty of nice golden hybrids at Lake Virginia.

I also got some great pictures.

Monday the plan was to hike to Tully Hole for lunch and then up the mountain towards Silver Pass and camp at one of the Indian named lakes for the night. As it turned out we went over Silver Pass and camped at Silver Lake Monday night.

On the way to Tully Hole.

Tully Hole is the meadow and creek in the bottom of the canyon below Debbie.

Our group Vince, Tania, Marshal, Debbie, and I on the Tully Hole footbridge.

A couple of the lakes we walked by climbing to Silver Pass.
Squaw Lake

Chief Lake

Warrior Lake

Looking north from Silver Pass towards Mammoth.

Looking south from Silver Pass.

Our camp at Silver Lake and some pics from around camp.

Tuesday we hiked down to Edison Lake and caught the ferry to Vermillion Valley Resort. It was great to take a shower, prime rib dinner, and chicken fried steak and eggs for breakfast. Wednesday morning the ferry took us back to the trail and we headed for the Mono Creek trail.

Another blow down along the trail.

Wednesday night we camped at the trail junction for Second Recess. The fishing was completely off the chain for little brookies and golden Hybrids.

Thursday we hiked up the Mono Creek trail to Fourth Recess Lake and spent two nights resting up and enjoying life in general. Again the fishing was great for stunted little brookies and rainbows.
Not a bad view from Debbie and my tent.

Fourth Recess Lake

Saturday morning we packed up and started for Mono Pass earlier than usual hoping to beat the heat. A couple of hours later we were on top of Mono Pass, elevation 12,035ft.

From the pass it was all downhill through the Little Lakes Valley to Mosquito Flats and the car we had placed there the week before. The girls and I took a nap while Vince and Marshal drove to Mammoth to P/U my Sequoia.

It was another great trip, 8 days, almost 50mls, with some great friends that I will never forget. We took it pretty easy but it still seemed to kick my butt. I was really out of shape for our trip this year. Iím going to have to do some exercising before we go next year.

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Overnighter in the backcountry.
« on: May 29, 2012, 10:25:40 PM »
A few friends and I had decided that we wanted to go backpacking over the holiday weekend. With no reserved permits available we headed to Lone Pine Friday morning to see what was available as walk ups. We got our first choice destination with no problem for a Saturday departure. Staurday morning the weather was still overcast with light snow but we went anyhow.  The fishing was good when you found out where they were but it got cold at night. It was somewhere in the teens Saturday night so Sunday at about 4pm we opted to hike down off the mountain in search of a steak dinner.

From camp on Saturday.

I managed to catch Browns, Brookies, and Bows

It's kind of hard to believe that a guy could get mad and frustrated catching such a fine variety of fish but we did. The reason being that we couldn't get any action from some of the big boys that were hanging out. I'd guess this brown to be about 22-23" but there was one we saw several times that was over 30".

My buddy Mark added a whole new species to his life list. Maybe he will add some pictures and tell the story himself. I'll just have to be content with wild backcountry fish like this one that came clear out of the water a half dozen times.

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