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Eastern Sierra History / New book about Inyo National Forest
« on: June 12, 2012, 01:08:11 PM »
Keep meaning to share this... Last month I purchased a newly published book titled: "Inyo National Forest" by Andy Selters.  It was $21.99 and I picked mine up at East Side books on Short St. in Bishop but I bet the VC in Lone Pine and other local bookstore have it too. It has a lot of wonderful old pictures, history and other information about "The Inyo".  My favorite is the picture on page 44 of a campsite in LLV at Heart Lake.  As soon as you see the picture you will recognize the rock!  I am giving my copy to my dad for Father's Day since in was the person who introduced me to the Inyo National Forest.

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Trip Report May 28 - June 2
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:11:07 PM »
Arrived at Big Meadow late morning on the 28th for our annual post-Mule Days R&R( we volunteer there for 10 days) Brought along some friends who have never been to Rock Creek. Big Meadow was mostly empty all week until Thursday. Had dinner at Tom's. We all hiked to Chickenfoot Lake on Tuesday.  Nice day not too many hikers but there were about 9 dogs at CF Lake! Stopped for pie on the way out, rhubarb and strawberry, delish! BBQ'd filet migon, fresh pineapple slices and mushrooms for dinner. Wed am I fished the Creek with my 3-4 wt fly rod. C&R'd three nice brown trout!! Which was good as I tripped over a branch on the ground and fell flat on my face walking back to camp, saved my rod!  I am still finding the bruises! BBQ'd steaks and shrimp for dinner and I made a peach cobbler in my dutch oven. Thursday our friend left so we headed to Mammoth for pizza lunch, visited the used bookstore(Book Chalet, $$ goes to the library) and I picked up a few flies at Rick's. The DFG stock truck was at Big Meadow in the afternoon and they released several net fulls in the usual spot between sites 8 & 9. Friday had one cup of coffee and headed out early to fish. Once again I had the whole creek to myself.  Had a great morning C&R'd seven Brown trout and one Rainbow! They were all pretty good size, 10 to 12 inches with two small browns.  The Rainbow was real silvery and it may have wintered over as the stockers never go after my flies.  Caught three nice browns on a fly I tied, all out of the same pool! It was a great morning and a the best way to celebrate my 54th year of fishing Rock Creek, thank you dad for teaching me to fish there!  Saw only 4 mosquitoes the whole week. Iris Meadow is still closed and the camp host said it may be a month before it is open, as they are building the new restroom. My husband didn't fish this time, content to sit in camp and read. Headed north for home on Saturday, we had light snow here this am so I bet the Creek got some too.

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