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Wow Gary, 

Great TR and Photos.   :goodpost:

I would doubt that anyone would think it 'lame' to accomplish posting it any way possible.  You got it done and we can enjoy it.  Thank you for that. :clap:

So out of curiosity, in a previous post in advance of this trip you mentioned treating all of your clothing and gear in Permethrin to ward of the Mosquitoes and related insects - I am curious how that worked out?  Would you do it again in a similar situation?  Anyone experience any skin or other irritation during or after the trip?

I didn't see anyone wearing a Head Net, were those needed earlier or later in the day or were you able to dodge the pests altogether ? 

Thanks for sharing, your destinations, the reports and photos are always great!   :twothumbs:

All the best, P A C

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Furguson fire and smoke?
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:59:30 AM »
From my observations on various eastern sierra webcams and weather reports, the direction and level/density of smoke varies from day to day, time of day and direction of the wind patterns.

It could be worse or better by the time you arrive and vary from day to day based on above factors.

This may not seem helpful, however 'it is what it is'.  The monsoonal pattern we are entering right now might help keep some of the smoke levels (and drift) at a minimum if there is signifiant precipitation, at least over the crest on the East Side where you are headed.

Either way I hope you have a great trip no matter what.   :camping: :fishing3:

Interesting articile, interesting group of investors............

Historic California ghost town sells for $1.4 million on Friday the 13th   

Strictly Media / Re: 2018 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: July 12, 2018, 11:56:24 AM »
WSHawkins -

Thank you as always for sharing your Trip Reports and supporting Photos.  As often stated previously, I have enjoyed this specific area for many decades and am living vicariously through your photos of your late May '18 trip.       :clap:

Great to see TPR in such apparent improved condition (at least externally and apparent structurally) vs. this time a year ago.

Incredible to compare the amount of snow and iced over lakes in 2018 vs 2017 vs 2015/16. 

Please keep all of the photos and narrative coming!  I look forward to them every morning, as I am sure many others on this board also do.

All the Best!  P A C

Eastern Sierra Forum / Tioga Pass Opening Update
« on: May 18, 2018, 05:05:22 PM »
According to the NPS Website for Yosemite - SCHEDULED opening for this coming Monday 5/21 at 9 AM.   

Always subject to change, especially with the apparently possible weather headed that way this weekend....... 

But at least it should be ready for anyone to get to the area over the NEXT weekend, Memorial Day! :flag:

And before anyone asks, I have checked both the Tioga Pass Resort and Saddlebag Lake Resort websites/facebook updates - both indicate each will remain closed for the enitre 2018 season while they take the time and apply the resources to properly repair each of their properties the right way and for the long term.....   :( :)

But remember to check their sites often for any updated info and progress reports. 

Wish that I were heading up!  All the best!  P A C

Great set up!

In addition to the above excellent suggestions from WSH,  with an emphasis on the 10 essentials, you would likely benefit from adding some proven great old standbys such as :

Lures -
A couple of small Super Dupers, particularly ones with the ‘reflection’ tape
A couple of small SILVER Kastmasters & Thomas Bouyants
small swivels - although WSH has previously shared an alternative that he might suggest again in this post he is if able.

Flies –
Mosquitoes (don’t recognize any in your assorted gray hackled flies as such)
Basic Black Ants (non-parachute)
Royal Wulffs (better floatation/attractor than a standard Royal Coachman)
Grey Hackle Yellow Body
Grey Hackle Peacock Body
A Bee pattern – McGinty or a Western Bee

All have been consistent High Sierra  ‘go to’s ‘ with great success for me over the years (decades), in addition to those that you already have in your assortment.

All the best,  P A C

Strictly Media / Re: McCloud Lake
« on: March 30, 2018, 09:22:15 AM »
Definitely a succesful attempt!  As Scout says, 'Looks Good', nice picture.

If there is any way to share the posting info and what 'Cloud' Host is being used I too would appreciate the info.

So BJ, is there perhaps a TR forthcoming on this photo.  I've not yet been to McCloud, know it is a short hike, however the image is so beautiful and appears to show a couple of ripples possibly related to the rings from rising trout (?).

I have read that this lake previously has been a restricted Cutthroat Fishery..........

Thanks for Sharing, All the best.  P A C

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: The Palisades
« on: March 16, 2018, 05:22:24 PM »
I'm not aware of that, but would love to learn more if that is/was happening.

I do know the former DFG attempted to establish a Grayling habitat and population in 'nearby' Lobdell Lake - however it was unsustainable due to the drought, as you refer to, which makes me wonder if that is the lake and fish you might be thinking of. (?)

All the Best.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: The Palisades
« on: March 16, 2018, 01:05:30 PM »
WSH - WONDERFUL completed post and great follow up addition with the photos of the gorgeous fish found in the area!  Thank You!

I'm with BJ on his selections.

My additional guesses:

7 - A darker/stream-based Rainbow/Golden Hybrid or even possibly a Kern River Rainbow/Golden ( based on the profusion of black spots as well as Parr Marks, yet with the white tipped fins not normally found on Rainbows)

8 - the unique and 'relatively new' TIGER Trout - a Brown/Eastern Brook Hybrid primarily bred in hatcheries over the past 30+ years.  They are sterile, and are the combination of of male brook trout milt with female brown trout eggs. 

PS - I keep searching for the story about a Piano being hauled in to the LC Cabin.  I know I saw it somewhere in the past - maybe it was in an old article in a document somewhere up in the actual Big Pine Area, like at the Glacier Lodge or Pack Station or other place of business, or in some other old marketing brochure for the area.  I am now on a mission to find it.  I recall a hand drawn picture supporting the story with an image of LC  appearing as if dressed in one of his costume roles and with a 'monstrous facial expression', standing up, playing the Piano with an audience of 2 or 3. 

Thank you again for sharing your journeys and experiences with us. :clap:

All the Best!  P A C

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: The Palisades
« on: March 01, 2018, 10:37:43 AM »

I'm thinking mules did the heavy hauling of materials.  The front of the cabin faces the creek under a covered porch.  Must of been like heaven to stay there! :fishing4:

I recall reading years ago that Lon Chaney also had either an Upright or Baby Grand Piano hauled up there. 
The article alluded to apparently frequent, quite raucous and debauchery-filled parties in the woods at his cabin (despite the suggested, contrasting tone of 'getting away from it all' in the article posted above which I have also seen previously).

I recall that, according to the article,  to be invited to his place (the cabin) and one of his parties held there was considered quite the honor.
I wish I could locate the article and post it for reference.  Will keep looking for it as time permits. 

WSH - really enjoying this TR as always, looking forward to the next posts on this!

Al the Best!  P A C

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: The Palisades
« on: February 26, 2018, 09:49:45 AM »

As always, looking forward to your trip report, and in particular this area as I have been very interested and curious about it for many years, but never made the hike up canyon past the Lon Chaney Cabin, which you wonderfully chronicled in a post a couple of years back.

Thanks in advance for what I am confident will be a great TR! :clap:

All the Best!  PAC

Eastern Sierra Forum / INYO County - 'Pleasant' (Valley) Fire
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:19:55 AM »
Just learned of this on the radio while driving.  The reporter narrated it as an INYO COUNTY FIRE, north of Bishop.

However a couple of these articles make it sound much closer..........Now over 3,000 Acres as of 9:45 AM this morning (Monday 2/19)

Prayers and Hoping everyone and everything is spared and this Fire does not become what it could be with the increasing and shifting winds!

What a difference from a year ago at this time!

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: First Golden Trout for 2017
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:36:48 AM »
Thanks for sharing WSH!

The plentiful larger black marks (spots) are challenging and combined with the darker olive body could suggest a German Brown or Loch-Leven strain - but based on the altitude and the lack of lighter colored halos around the black spots my geuss is -

Either a young Cutthroat or a Hybrid Cutt-Bow?

Whatever it is, it looks beautiful - I hope they are plentiful and grow to large sizes in the 20 Lakes Basin.

All the best, P A C

Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:04:50 AM »

At this point in the summer of 2017, if you attempted to, did you catch any fish in these lakes?  Sometimes at this stage of thaw, yet earlier in the season of a more normal year, the fishing can be quite good.   :fishing3:

Just wondering..........Thanks!


Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:58:32 AM »
Wow!  Conditions in July 2017 look more like those for late March or early April in what used to be a 'normal' winter. 

Thanks for sharing!

Anything Goes / Re: Any deals that you couldn't pass up?
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:01:41 AM »
Gary C. -

A little off-topic, and you may know of this based on some of your travels you have shared on this board;

the 'Steep and Cheap' name brings back memories of decades ago where the Slide Mountain/Mt. Rose Ski Areas (never were viewed as 'Resorts'  :lol2:  ) used to use that term as their informal marketing slogan.

If anyone reading this has never been, this/these two Ski Areas used to be separate and competing businesses adjacent to each other along NV Highway 431, aka the Mt. Rose Highway.  The 431 runs between the very southern most point of the city of Reno, NV, exiting off of the 395, and continues southwest over the Mountains and drops into the northeast shore of Lake Tahoe (Incline Village).  The highway is very steep and has a lot of curves on both sides of the mountain. 

The runs were very short in length or duration, however because they are located at the top of the mountains in that area the runs were very steep.  And since each business was relatively small and out of the way, in order to attract locals and UNR students on a budget or little spare time, they had to price the tickets EXTREMELY cheap in comparison to the larger relatively nearby world-class places like Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Heavenly Valley (as they were named back in the day prior to the multi-state multi-resort mergers and acquisitions that have since occurred)

I remember back in the mid to late '80's as the aforementioned big resorts were pricing north of $50 for as single day ticket, Slide Mountain and Mount Rose were prices at about $17!.  Yes, you did get what you paid for, but if you didn't have time or funds to spend on an entire day to justify $50+, these smaller places were in fact - 'Steep and Cheap' and great fun!

Gary - thanks for the info on the website as I had never heard of it before, and the memories that the name pulled out of the deep past!

All the Best, P A C

Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: November 15, 2017, 04:16:14 PM »
W S H,

A couple of the many elements that contribute to making your photography and narrative both so incredible and enjoyable to experience vicariously is the 'When' and 'Where' you travel!  As I know from my own experiences over the years - to experience and document so much of the beauty you share with us, you have to travel to some difficult-to-get-to places in sometimes unbelievably difficult-to-get-through conditions.  The risks can be very high, and sometimes the rewards just are not there.  But when they are..........Oh My!  :bowdown:

Thank you again for all that you share with us, and the time and effort you put in to do so before, during and after.   :clap:

Safe Travels to you and your family - each and every time, all of the time.

All the best, P A C

I found this post on another Eastern Sierra climbing oriented site. Hope this is the 'right' or best section for posting it on this board as it is not a trip report and is a form of 'MEDIA'    :-)

Simply, Truly Fascinating. :bowdown:

Anything Goes / Re: Entry into Yosemite could cost up to $70
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:31:34 PM »
When I first heard this on the news either late Friday or on Saturday my first thoughts were:

 - Typical Administrative and PR ploy to release a news item, which will likely not be well received, late on a Friday and hope something else newsworthy develops and overshadows the release by Monday Morning.

 - That as stated in the news story as I heard it, and stated above by Littlefish, the majority of the Funds collected by each park will 'stay' in that park's coffers and budget and are to be targeted specifically for the immediate REPAIR, upkeep and infrastructure improvements in said park.  I thought to myself, well if accurate and it really plays out that way, and we see immediate improvements on currently deteriorating resources, that would really be a great thing.  However I fear delays in application, and final direction, of where the funds go, and that said 'new found money' may be used for FUTURE and NEW developments.  Those are important for the long run, but can be funded in other ways and while more immediately and urgently maintaining and preserving important historical elements of the Park(s).

 - Lastly, I thought about the comparative value of entry after the dramatic increase in price - $70 is a lot of money, particularly for a Government Location allegedly supported by our Federal Taxes at work - however if on average there are at least 3 to 4 people in a vehicle, and many (although US Citizens and pay taxes) are from out of state or are out of country tourists, they are also likely budgeting for some of these expenses. Example -  they likely pay $5 to $10 in one way single trip short mileage bridge and toll road fees elsewhere during their journeys, let alone the additional price of Parking and single person admission ticket pricing when going to visit a for-profit Theme Park(s), Animal Parks, Round of Golf, (even payment for a Guide Service etc.  ;).  Most people are familiar with the cost of at least 3 o 4 people going to see a first run movie in a Theater.   A visit to the park will, in most cases, last longer than 2 1/2 hours and have a far greater experience in general and a likely positive life-long lasting memory.

So I still think it sucks, however I am a realist and try to maintain a positive outlook.  It is unfortunate, however appears unavoidably necessary at this point in our lives and for the future - as long as the money goes where it is supposed to, and quickly.

As stated above - if the money is really and truly being used to fix things in the park(s), and ASAP after collecting the funds, if not in advance based on budget forecasting of increased revenues to be realized in the future, this could be a very good development and may help stop the unaddressed deterioration, and resulting blight in some cases, that is now occurring due to the continued increase in popularity (visitors) in National Parks like Yosemite.  Think of the many simple things like the dilapidated structure around Soda Springs in Tuolumne Meadows and others like that. The decades old sewer systems that don't get repaired, and therefore are turned off, leaving structures unused, and un-maintained to deteriorate further. These should never have been allowed to deteriorate to the level which they have. 

It is unfortunate that the Concessionaire Arrangement does not seem to benefit the park(s) and the paying public at the level it should.  And let's face it, we all know who pays the price - no pun intended.

Just my 2 cents worth and IMHO.


Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: October 27, 2017, 09:51:44 AM »

Thank you, as always, for the simply incredible pictures and information. :thanks: :goodpost:

Once again proving the old adage - 'It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know'!  THANK YOU  for sharing. :campfiregroup:

I have read books on this area, various articles, the NFS and resort info handouts etc since I was a kid in the early '70s and have NEVER heard any reference to these incredible snow caves in this area. 

Your photo is fantastic! Have you ever offered (or considered offering) to sell them along with an article, etc to a publication like National Geographic or Outside Magazines?

Some of what I find so interesting, if not fascinating, is the amount of visible and apparently healthy 'flora' among the rocks in the stream bed.  Although this is an Alpine area, and the various life in that zone is suited/evolved to handle, survive and prosper despite the harshness and realities of 'life' in this zone, Direct Sunlight is a vital component.  The richness of the greens of the plants in the stream bed are amazing when considering that, even though there may be light coming through the ever-thinning snow bridge, it is not in fact direct, unfiltered sunlight (unless it is perhaps coming in from an open end of the snow cave/tunnel?).

Also the apparent moss on the bottom of the inverted aretes or sun cups suggest enough sunlight is somehow getting through - especially since most that green tinge appears to be at the thickest parts of the underside of the snow bridge - NOT the thinnest.

Your explanation of the warm air flow helps explain why it may be 'warm enough' for plants to grow as well.

Please know that many of us on this board are grateful and very appreciative of all that you share on this board - despite the appearance of a lack of 'activity' or direct responses or replies to your posts - PLEASE keep them coming, :coffee:  :clap:

All the BEST!  P A C

Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: October 24, 2017, 09:25:02 AM »
WSH - Wonderful comparative/contrasting photos!  As I've shared, I also have spent a lot (yet not enough) time in the TIoga Pass area over the past almost 40 years now (Yikes!) and love all 3 seasons that it is accessible by car.

I have been up there late in October in non-drought years however never seen Ellery drained so low in October - curious if you were able to see any Fall Brown Trout spawning runs up the inlet and further up into Junction Meadow and up Saddlebag Creek this year?

Or spawning fish staging at the inlet of Tioga getting ready to make their fall run?  I know they are rare, however there a still a few monster size Browns in that lake.  In the previous years, TPR had some beautiful examples of all species which were caught in the area mounted on the support wall between the cafe' and the main store. 

Please keep the TR and Photos coming!

All the best, P A C

Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:13:52 PM »

WS Hawkins, thanks once again  for sharing these incredibly gorgeous photos of your travels.  Can't wait to read about and see all of the Fishing Trip reports and photos when you are able to find the time to post them. :clap:

I was wondering and hoping that this fall would be fantastic in the Eastern Sierra based on all of the factors from the first 8 to 9 months of the year - glad to see someone able to take maximum advantage of it.   :twothumbs:

Currently don't have the time to research on a map at this moment - is the lake shown in the photo of 'Secret Lake' truly named Secret Lake, or is it one of your 'secrets' ? :reading:

Thanks, and All the Best!


Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:33:20 PM »
I am truly honored to have guessed that and should have gone with my 'gut' and initial inclination.

The reason I felt so strongly about it being Dana Meadows is I have a memory of a similar view from the Summer of 1983 and also 1995, the last two extremely heavy and late winters most similarto this past winter.

As an FYI and to WSH, you may know this as well, when you enter the park via Tioga Pass and are driving westbound towards Tuolumne Meadows, or are approaching the park exit east bound from Tuolumne Meadows, on the 120 roadway, in Dana Meadows, there is a section of roadway with A LOT of 'old' looking avalanche debris fields spanning from 100 to 200 yards north of the 120 and fanning out into Dana Meadows south of the 120. 

The majority of that Avalanche Debris was from the 1983 winter (actually the spring/summer melt), and I remember the road crew working on that debris along the side of the road as they had cleared it.  There was actually a relatively short stretch of roadway that was down to one lane with alternating one way traffic with a portable timed stoplight for a very short period until they finished the clean up and repairs to the road.  That was 1983.  Don't recall if the stoplight was powered by 12 volt battery or a fuel powered generator - definitely many years before Solar was utilized...

It is both incredibly  interesting and yet somewhat scary to realize we are actually able to experience 'history' like this over the years - I sure don't think or feel that I am any older today than I was 34 (yikes!) summers ago............

WSH - looking forward to your future posts and recaps of your experiences this year, along with your incredible photos as well.

All the BEST, P A C

Anything Goes / Re: posting pics
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:09:40 PM »
WOW!  What a fantastic pic of such a beautiful animal!  Well done!   :clap:

Now if you 'Make it Smaller' due to file size I can understand and appreciate that, however, if you mean by physical size and space in a post;  well IMHO as long as there is no cost or capacity limitations leave it as is!  For this and everyone else's posted images.

However understanding that nothing is 'free' or 'forever', and based on the relatively 'fast one' or less than forthright approach photobucket took, definitely want to protect everyone's investment in time and resources.

just my .02 worth.  :-) 


Strictly Media / Re: 2017 Eastern Sierra Photos
« on: September 25, 2017, 09:51:57 AM »
OK, since it has been a couple of days now and this post has now received over 350 views, but no takers (yet) of your challenge, I will formally stick my neck out with following semi-educated WAGs:

Here is my logic - Based on the date of 1st week of July 2017, the amount and apparent depth of the snow, no visible water, yet no appearance or indications that the wide expanses of white snow are FLAT terrain like would indicate a frozen lake - all look like they have a slight downslope angle to the expanses - based on your personal history of early morning starts to your adventures and generally from a trailhead on the Eastern Side, and that this picture appears to be looking to the West based on no Sun in the distance and the lighting appearing to be before well before noon as well as the vast snow covered range in the distant background of the photo:

WAG #1 - Horseshoe Meadows area/approach trail to Cottonwood Lakes ?  (I have never been to either - yet)

WAG #2 - My first inclination (which is based on other beta gleaned from a couple of your posts earlier this summer) is that this is the Dana Meadows area and photo is taken from a unique position somewhere up above and south of Tioga Pass/ Tioga Lake looking West/Northwest ?  (This area I have visited many times previously over the years)

The confirmed answer from you will be interesting and enlightening. As Always! 

Thanks again for all of your great posts and sharing your images with us!

P A C   :clap: :bowdown: :woot2: :thankyou: :photographer: :twothumbs:

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