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Eastern Sierra Forum / Fred the Baker
« on: August 26, 2015, 10:22:48 PM »
When I was a kid we went to Rock Creek every summer, often camping in an area along the Creek downstream from the Lake a ways where I believe you can no longer stay. A small camping area, not many spots, really rough road getting down there, lots of boulders scraping the bottom of the car (1960 Ford Falcon station wagon), which always bottomed out. Even harder getting back up to Rock Creek Rd.

There was an old guy who lived in a (rustic - to be polite) cabin right about there during the summer months. Great guy. Usually brought us warm bread in the mornings. Really cool cabin on the inside - bullet shells lining the ledge on the inside wall. Always had a little fire going. Amazing stuff for us kids.

I went to find Fred and his cabin about 20 years ago only to find out that it had been razed. Nobody even remembered Fred at the local store.

My Mom turns 90 tomorrow and was just asking if *I* remembered.  Asked if I could find out what ever happened to old Fred. It would make her day. Thanks.

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