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I was up there for 5 days May 9-14 and the fishing was downright slow..Rock creek was fast roaring white water, Upper Owens was downright horrible. 10 hours of fishing the river and I caught one fish and never had one bite after that...

Oh no! Do you think it will be better now that the lake was stocked on the 21st of May? Or is it just the water conditions that have made fishing slow?

Sorry for the constant stream of questions guys! I was wondering what the fishing is like up there right now  :fishing3: I've never fly fished so I'll probably just use a sinker and some garlic power bait, any tips for a newbie? You've all been super helpful!  :chestbump:

The website says it will be opened May 26th, I'm not sure if that is 100% accurate though.. Would I be better off making a reservation? Which campgrounds would you guys recommend? East fork is all reserved at the moment, not sure how the walk-in policies at the other sites are like. Thank you guys for the replies!!

I'm reading on that Rock Creek Lake is a Walk-in, first come-first-serve, campground and I'm wondering if it will be full if I arrive on Friday June 9th around 4pm. It would be a total bummer if I drive over 6 hours just to be told the campground is full with no spaces available for us  :lightning: 

If that happens what should we do? It would be miserable to be stranded 6 hours from home with nowhere to stay

Thank you to anyone who replies! It's very much appreciated  :clap:

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