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Eastern Sierra Forum / Missing Hiker Alert 5/27/18
« on: May 27, 2018, 05:22:54 PM »

Park Rangers are seeking information from the public to aid in the search for a missing hiker, 67-year-old Stephen McGuire, from Washington. Mr. McGuire has been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail northwards since March, and uses the trail name “Bible.” He was last seen near Kearsarge Pass in Kings Canyon National Park on Friday, May 18th, by another hiker who noted with concern that Mr. McGuire seemed tired and low on food. He was reported missing to the US Forest Service on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Mr. McGuire has not yet collected his next planned food resupply, located in Mammoth, CA. His previous resupply would have lasted him until approximately May 22nd. While Mr. McGuire is an experienced hiker, he is not familiar with the area, and higher elevations in the Sierra Nevada have experienced winter storm conditions in recent days.

Mr. McGuire is 5’6” tall, athletically built, Caucasion, and has black hair and a beard, both partially gray. He is outfitted with a black puffy jacket (pictured), and believed to be carrying a green backpack and green tent.

Personnel from the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are currently working with Inyo National Forest and the NPS Investigative Services Branch to gather information that will aid in the search for Mr. McGuire. If you have any information, or if you have hiked between Mt. Whitney and Reds Meadow since Thursday, May 10th, whether or not you think you saw Mr. McGuire, please call the tipline at 888-653-0009.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Found 2/23
« on: February 23, 2018, 04:06:34 PM »

Yosemite NP:
Alan Chow, the hiker missing in Yosemite National Park since Tuesday, February 20, has been found safe today. Chow, who was backpacking alone, was spotted from a National Park Service helicopter around Noon today above Wapama Fall in the Hetch Hetchy area after an extensive search the past several days. . He was transported to the Hetch Hetchy Ranger Station where he is doing well. Chow sustained minor injuries and has been reunited with family members

During the last several days, Chow stayed in his tent and was able to stay hydrated and had an adequate food supply. His preparedness and ability to make good decisions were key to his rescue and good health.

Yosemite National Park would like to thank the California Highway Patrol, Bay Area Mountain Rescue, California Office of Emergency Services, Marin County Search and Rescue, Tuolumne County Sheriffs Office, El Dorado County Sheriffs Office, Contra Costa County Search and Rescue, Southern California Winter Ski team,and YoDogs (search dogs).

Approximately 60 people participated in the search effort since Tuesday

Eastern Sierra Forum / Update 2/22
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:13:36 PM »

Info is requested from anyone who was in the Hetch Hetchy area on the 17th-18th-19th-20th, with particularly emphasis on the backpackers/hikers parking area and along the trail from Hetchy-Vernon-Jack Main-Eleanor drainage. Authorities request that you call/text the number below, whether you saw Alan or not, but were in the area on the dates listed above.
There is information, which points to Alan being on the trail, heading in to do the Vernon Lake Loop and possibly Laurel Lake on the way.

Any info you may have, please call/text the ISB Tip Line at 888-653-0009.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Missing Person Alert Yosemite 1/11
« on: January 11, 2018, 12:06:45 PM »

Yosemite NP:

Name: Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer

If you think you might have any information regarding Max, especially if you hiked on the (upper) Yosemite Falls Trail January 1–3, 2018, please call 209/379-1992.

Max is a 41-year-old white male with brown hair and blue eyes, 5 ft. 8 in. tall, and weighs 185 pounds. His last known clothing is a light-colored long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, light-colored shorts (not pictured), and a dark-colored backpack. His rental car was found at Camp 4 parking on January 5, 2018, after it was reported overdue by the rental agency.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: 11/22 Missing Person Alert
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:23:55 AM »

Yosemite NP:

Yosemite National Park Rangers have positively identified the remains of Gerardo Cruz Hernandez, from Santa Barbara, California, who was last reported at Glacier Point on November 22, 2017. When he was reported missing, Park Rangers, with the aid of search dogs and a CHP helicopter, launched an extensive search looking for him. The search has been ongoing.

Hernandez’s family has been notified.

Yosemite National Park worked with several agencies during the search effort and would like to acknowledge and thank the California Highway Patrol, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, YODOGS (volunteer search dog team), and National Park Service Special Agents for their assistance with this search.

Eastern Sierra Forum / 11/22 Missing Person Alert
« on: November 27, 2017, 01:17:08 PM »
Yosemite NP:
If you were in the area of Glacier Point on Wednesday, November 22 OR have any information about Gerardo, please call 209/379-1992.
Gerardo is a Hispanic male who is 18 years old, 5 ft 7 in tall, and weighs 120 pounds. He has a tattoo on his right wrist. He was last seen wearing white “Nike Air Force 1” sneakers. Gerardo was last seen in the morning on 11/22/2017 in Santa Barbara, and his vehicle was found in the evening on 11/22/2017 at Glacier Point.

Update 11/27:
SAR is still searching between Taft and Glacier Point, and down towards Illilouette Falls bridge. He was alone, no evidence that he was planning an overnight trip. Any information you may have, please call: 209/379-1992.

Eastern Sierra Forum / R.J. Secor Passes Away
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:44:50 AM »

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: 10/30 Missing Hiker Alert Paradise Valley
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:48:10 AM »

Has been found!

Eastern Sierra Forum / 10/30 Missing Hiker Alert Paradise Valley
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:11:39 PM »


Park Rangers are seeking additional leads to aid in the search for a missing hiker, 37-year-old Joseph Patrick Leap, from Lakewood, CO. Mr. Leap is overdue from a solo day hike out of Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.  Mr. Leap planned to hike from Roads End to Mist Falls and Paradise Valley, and return to Roads End the same day.

Mr. Leap planned on departing for his hike on Sunday morning, October 29 from the Roads End Trailhead where his vehicle has been located.  He is described as an experienced hiker, but not familiar with the area.

Personnel from the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Search and Rescue Team are currently conducting ground and aerial search operations. If you have any information, please contact the park at 888-677-2746 with your name, contact information, and additional details.

Eastern Sierra Forum / 7/24 Missing Hiker Alert PCT Hiker
« on: July 24, 2017, 04:10:24 PM »

Facebook PCT:

ALERT!! For the purpose of a "Hotline" to be released to the general public, through Facebook or any other public forum, contact can be made via the Investigative Services Branch (ISB) Tip Line at 888-653-0009. Anyone can call this number at any time and leave messages. On July 7th, Rika Morita aka Strawberry, a 32 yo NOBO PCTer from Japan was last heard from family and last seen on the trail by other hikers on July 8th. Yosemite SAR have been alerted and currently searching for her. Below is information from a post from one of friends who is flying out from Germany to join with other friends to search for her, gave her last whereabouts and what her NOBO plans were. "Gathering all information the situation is as follows: We have a “Search for Rika” team now consisting of Gehn Shibayama, Christopher Lynch and me. Rika’s father doesn’t speak English. So Gehn joined in our team and got in direct contact with him. He’s fluent in English and Japanese. They had some phone calls in between. From this phone calls we learned from his father that Rika’s plan was to go the following route: Bishop – Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) – Red’s Meadows Resort (RMR) – Toulumne Meadows (TM) - Half Dome – Yosemite Valley – Toulumne Meadows – South Lake Tahoe. She had planned to do this in 11 days, but according to her plan she was overdue already 5 days in Bishop. Anyway. Rika was last seen by Aidan Dahler, Rachel Hopke, Greg Strachey and Justin Myers on July 8th 4 miles behind Glen pass. After fording a creek Rika went on solo while Greg and Justin were reorganizing their backpacks. On leaving Rika had announced to ask for their support (as she’s only 5 feet tall) at the next critical fording situation. The situations came, but Rika wasn’t there. Jonathan Szakacs saw her last on July 7th between 08:00 and 10:00 am when both they ran out of Bishop back on the PCT “but [she] pushed away”. They haven’t seen her since, and now they are in Toulumne Meadows. Neither in MTR, nor in VVR or RMR. TM itself is the place where Rika should contact Ted Hall who has got two boxes for Rika at his house in NorCal. By now there hasn’t been any call. It provides a little modicum of reassurance that actually it is impossible to make any calls from TM (no signal, public phone is out as PO is closed). As her plan was to go from TM to Half Dome we are now trying to find out if she obtained a permit for it. But officials in Yosemite are very slow, we are waiting for hours now for them to answer our request. To find out where Rika resupplied, we gathered the following information: We wrote an email to MTR to see if there was any sign of Rika. Still waiting for an answer. We called VVR to see if there was any record of her regarding resupply or if anybody has seen her. The answers was no. We contacted Moderne Hostel and Davison St Guest House in Mammoth Lakes to see if she checked in or has reservation. The answers were no. We contacted Sonora Resupply and Kennedy Meadows Resort to see if she was there or has sent resupply. The answers were no. We contacted Yosemite's Wilderness Office to see if she had overnight (necessary to hike down to Yosemite Valley) and Half Dome permit. She never obtained overnight permit. They are still researching Half Dome permit. John Godell checked Mammoth Lake Motel 6, but the answer was no. Regarding Donna L-Rod Saufley’s great idea to check her credit card records her Father told us that he doesn’t know which card she uses. Putting all this together, we don’t have any idea where she is or where she has been after the morning of July 8th. Please keep on helping. Gehn, Chris and Ingo"

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: 7/18 Missing Hiker Alert
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:38:04 PM »

Inyo Co. Sheriff's Dept:

At approximately 1:45pm Mrs. Solomon was located by CHP H-82, south-east of Baker Lake on a rocky bench between Baker Lake and Hidden Lake. She had positioned herself in area that was open and was waving her jacket as the helicopter approached. Due to the rocky location the helicopter could not land, so ground search members responded to her location and guided her to a location accessible by a vehicle. Mrs. Solomon and the team successfully made it to the vehicle location around 4:30pm.
We would like to thank China Lake Mountain Rescue Group, Inyo Search and Rescue, and CHP - Inland Division Air Operations.

Eastern Sierra Forum / 7/18 Missing Hiker Alert
« on: July 20, 2017, 11:32:51 AM »

Inyo Co. Sheriff's Dept:

On the evening of July 18th Inyo County Sheriff’s Dispatch was notified that Linda Solomon, a 61 year old woman from Irvine, CA could not be located by her hiking partners. The hiking party originally consisted of three members; the route was a two night trip from the Green Lake trailhead out of South Lake to the North Fork trail via Baker Creek. On the last day of the trip Mrs. Solomon started down the trail slightly earlier than her hiking companions; the starting point was Baker Lake. Mrs. Solomon and her hiking partners unintentionally took two separate routes from their camping spot resulting in the two hiking partners being on one side of Baker Creek and Mrs. Solomon on the other. The hiking partners spotted Mrs. Solomon on the opposite side of Baker Creek across a marshy area about a mile east of their previous night’s camping spot. Both parties continued east but were unable to reunite. The hiking partners searched for Mrs. Solomon throughout the day, and when they were unable to locate her they hiked out via North Fork and contacted Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.
A search and rescue mission was launched Wednesday morning. Two teams were sent in; one via Coyote Flats and the other through the Baker Lake trail via the Glacier Lodge trailhead and up North Fork. Aerial reconnaissance was provided by CHP H-82 out of Victorville. The Coyote Flat SAR team discovered a note around 2:00pm in an old abandoned cabin on the south end of Coyote Flat. The note stated, “Wed. noon. July 20. Linda Solomon was here.” A note was left in the same place by a SAR team member instructing Mrs. Solomon to stay put if she comes back to the cabin, and that search teams will be back the next day. An additional clue that was discovered was a camera lens that was identified as Mrs. Solomon’s; the lens was about ¾ of a mile from the cabin on a dirt road. Search teams concluded yesterday’s efforts around 7:30pm.
On Thursday July 20th teams from Inyo Search and Rescue and China Lake Mountain Rescue Group began a ground search in the vicinity of Coyote Flat near and around the cabin, and the Baker Creek drainage out of Big Pine. Aerial recon for today’s efforts is provided by CHP - Inland Division Air Operations.
Mrs. Solomon is 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. She has black shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Her clothing consists of a light blue long sleeve shirt, dark blue rain jacket, and blue/grey backpack. She is described as a cautious and experienced hiker. If anyone has seen Mrs. Solomon or has any information that can assist this search please contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at 760-878-0383.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: 6/29 Missing Hiker Alert (Whitney Trail)
« on: June 29, 2017, 06:54:18 PM »

Inyo Co Sheriff's Dept:

UPDATE: Missing hiker Marv Cope has been located alive and well near the Arctic Lake drainage area in Sequoia-Kings National Park. A big THANK YOU to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and CHP - Inland Division Air Operations!

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: 5/22 Missing Person Alert
« on: May 23, 2017, 05:15:45 PM »

Inyo Co Sheriff's Dept:

At noon today Dongying “Cindy” Qiu was located deceased at the base of a frozen waterfall near Outpost Camp. It is believed that she fell approximately 60 feet through a snow chute at the top of the waterfall (located on the southwest side of Outpost Camp, about a quarter mile off trail).
“This is an incredibly tragic situation and based on the extreme snow conditions in the backcountry, this could have happened to anyone,” stated Inyo County Sheriff’s Corporal Nick Vaughn. “The entire search crew and the Sheriff’s Office extend their most sincere condolences to the Qiu family and friends during this very difficult time.”
This was the second day of searching for the missing hiker. Support for today’s search was provided by Sierra Madre SAR, San Bernardino SAR, China Lake Mountain Rescue Mountain Rescue Group, Inyo SAR and aerial support provided by Army National Guard and CHP H-80.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Update 5/23
« on: May 23, 2017, 11:35:33 AM »

Inyo Sheriff's Dept:
Inyo County Search and Rescue (SAR) is on its second day of searching for missing hiker Dongying “Cindy” Qiu, a 27 year old woman from San Marino, CA. Cindy was part of a three-person hiking group that set out to hike Mt. Whitney on Sunday May 21st at 2:00am. After reaching Trail Crest (~13,700’ elevation) at approximately 1:00pm, she decided to head back to the trailhead at Whitney Portal alone. The original report indicated that the other two members of the hiking group went on to ascend Mt. Whitney, but later interviews revealed that one member of the hiking group (a female) turned around earlier in the hike before reaching Trail Crest. The male hiking companion did go on to ascend Mt. Whitney by himself, and when he returned to Whitney Portal around midnight, he was unable to locate Cindy. Inyo County Sheriff’s Dispatch was notified at approximately 9:00am on Monday May 22 of the missing hiker.

Following a lead from other hikers who believed they saw Cindy (descending the trail alone on Sunday late afternoon), Inyo County Search and Rescue and CHP H-80 out of Apple Valley began a search of the area between Trail Camp and Outpost Camp yesterday. A backpack matching the description of Cindy’s was located near Outpost Camp late yesterday afternoon. This morning additional teams are actively searching the area. Support for today’s search is provided by Sierra Madre SAR, San Bernardino SAR, China Lake Mountain Rescue Mountain Rescue Group, Inyo SAR and aerial support is provided by Army National Guard and CHP H-80.

If anyone has any information that may assist in this search please contact Sheriff’s Dispatch as 760-878-0383.

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