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Trip Reports from Elsewhere / Anyone fishing yet?
« on: January 03, 2014, 08:14:09 PM »
I am!  Hit Santa Monica for a lil action yesterday.  Lot's of folks down there in the perfect weather,  but few people were fishing.  It was so warm,  I didn't even use my waders.  Great day on the sand with a few fishies coming out to play...

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Kamikaze trip with ABSN and McGee Dude
« on: October 05, 2013, 08:34:23 PM »
Took one of our famous day trips a week ago up to the Rock Creek area.  We met up at Salim's place at 6 am and returned to his place about midnight.  It was a very tough day fishing wise with roaring winds almost everywhere we went,  but the colors were great,  so was the pie,  and the pizza at the pizza factory in Lone Pine on the way home.  As always,  it was a great day with great friends!

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / 2013 club report
« on: July 18, 2013, 02:37:28 PM »
Headed up with Salim,  his exchange student Silvie,  and Harry the English Pointer about 4:30 am saturday morning.  Ride was pleasant,  as I slept from Mojave to Lone Pine!  Did a quick tour of the Mt Whitney fish hatchery,  and got up to the creek at East Fork about 10am,  greeted Packer and family,  as well as Carol,  and got to meet Claremont dude.  Headed up for an insane slice of Nectarine Pie and then hiked up to a nice lil stretch of stream  that Salim said was one of his "secrets."  Caught plenty of lil wild trout in that area on a picture perfect day.  Back at that camp that evening we were joined by Retired 96,  Playing Menace and wife,  Jill the squirrel lady,  and Marine one and family.  Also got to meet Corey and her husband...Corey does exist! Scout,  our great historian,  was there as well passing out his awesome handmade maps.  A figure out of the darkness of the night turned out to be Bill and family as well!   Has tons of great food that night,  mostly from Wayne's dutch oven,  along with tons of great conversation.  Thanks to Marine one for the great bottle of patron,  u da man!  A few other awards were given out,  and everyone had a great time.  Thanks again to Wayne for allowing me to pass out in his "supply" tent!  Next morning,  we headed up for more pie,  and of course had to stop for bread in Bishop.  Hit Horseshoe Meadow on the way home for some very hard lil Volcano Creek Goldens in a creek that is barely flowing.  After that it was time to head home.  All in all it was a great weekend of fishing,  food,  friends,  and pie.  Yes,  pie gets its own category!  See ya'll next year,  it will be the 10th annual gathering of the Rock Creek Republic!  Don't plan to visit the week before or after,  be there with all of us!

Anything Goes / Fire pics
« on: June 03, 2013, 09:01:14 PM »
A couple of pics from the Powerhouse Fire,  which has now burned 30,000 acres.  These shots were taken from Lower Castaic Lake,  where we were running a float tube bass derby this past Saturday.  I was told that Helicopters were scooping up water out of the Upper Lake all day,  and didn't have to far to go as the fire was just up on the ridge above the lake...

Trip Reports from Elsewhere / A lil tournament bass fishing
« on: May 19, 2013, 08:19:03 PM »
Been doing a lil tourney series on Castaic and Pyramid this spring.  Did a-okay this past saturday with this 9.23 pound bass.  Big enough to eat plenty of trout!

Did another of our day long road trips yesterday.  Did pretty well on lower McGee Creek,  we got several nice Rainbows on the barbless flies.  Most fish were in the 12-16 inch range.  Wind was blowing at Mach something or other (help me this Roy-up to 50mph lol),  making it a bit tough to flycast.  Water level actually seemed to be a bit higher than last year.  Headed up to Rock Creek after that,  was very cold at the lake with snow flurries.  I had to chuckle,  thinking about folks who ask what the weather will be like in 3 months,  yesterday we didn't know what it would be like in three hours!  Either way,  it was painful to see the pie shop still closed,  but the 3 nice trout I caught in East fork that I am baking tonight are helping to heal that pain!  Pics to follow soon...

Eastern Sierra Forum / Snowpark parking
« on: May 06, 2013, 03:51:40 PM »
They aint starting to charge to park in there are they?  Was a lil trailer with a sign up on it yesterday near the entrance with some nonsense about a $5 charge to park in there,  hope that is just a winter thing...

Hi Friends, Just a note to update you.. Everyone is in place now in Convict Lake Campground,Tuff Camp, McGee Creek & French Camp. If you have not made a reservation for your favorite site in any of these Camps, not to worry.. All have dozens of prime first come first served sites for you to choose from. We will open the gates on Tuesday, so you will have time to find your old favorite, or a brand new spot for Saturday's 2013 Trout Opener. Come enjoy with us, it is going to be shirtsleeve weather!

Trip Reports from Elsewhere / Surf fishing
« on: February 19, 2013, 09:49:16 PM »
Keeping with the theme of not waiting till opening day,  I hit the beach in Santa Monica recently.  Caught about 40 surf perch in a couple of hours,  and some big uns are coming in for the spawn.  It was a beautiful evening on the beach...

Trip Reports from Elsewhere / Castaic bassing
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:31:52 AM »
For all you fools who are sitting around looking at that opening day ticker :clap: :lol2: :lol2: :rotflmao: for some of us there is never a closing day for fishing.  Nice winter day of fishing at Castaic.

Get out and fish,  don't just think about it!  If you have to,  think about this:   :pie2:

Anything Goes / Huell Howser
« on: January 07, 2013, 01:17:26 PM »
Don't know if ya'll have heard yet,  but we have lost Mr. Howser,  who passed today at the very young age of 67.  He had some really great shows,  is it true that he once did one up in the Rock Creek area?  Seems to me like he went up there maybe with DWP to measure the snowpack one time...either way,  sad day for fans of his shows...

Ok,  stole this one from Neil from one of the old boards.  The first choices I put means the creek from Mosquito Flats downstream.  I didn't put baitfishing the areas in LLV,  who in the world would do that :fishing3:  For me,  it would have to be flyfishing the creek areas of LLV.  Catching those lil brookies all day above Chickenfoot or in Ruby Creek is just about as good as it gets :fishing3: by the way,  I think I already know Creek dude's choice :clap:

Eastern Sierra Forum / What is your favorite camp breakfast at the creek
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:15:35 PM »
I posted this on the old board,  so I thought since the board is a bit slow this time of year,  time to bring this poll back.  If your favorite dish is not on this list,  tell us about it.  By the way,  Retired,  Tasters choice coffee does not qualify as breakfast lol.  For me,  there is nothing like sausage and eggs in the morning at the creek,  lately it has been homemade chicken sausage,  yummmm...

Eastern Sierra Forum / Another question for Scout...
« on: December 05, 2012, 01:22:33 PM »
maybe someone else knows the answer too...back in the 70's,  was there a different flow going down Lower Rock Creek?  I seem to remember the whole creek going down that way,  without any water being diverted to Crowley.  Also,  was there a different kind of culvert down there back then?  I caught my first ever fish down there,  and I seem to remember a large square opening where the water came out from under the freeway.  By the way,  I am talking about the area downstream from Tuffs...Last time I was down in there,  there was just a smaller round culvert...feeling nostalgic now fur sure :clap:

Eastern Sierra Forum / snowwww
« on: November 10, 2012, 09:55:25 AM »
Latest reports in Mammoth are 1-2 feet from this storm,  with more on the way!   Let it snow!!! :clap:

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Quick Horseshoe Meadow report
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:55:08 AM »
After eating a delicous crepe at the home of ABSN,  I headed up with Salim for one of our quick day trips to the Sierras.  This time it was to see if any goldens would be on the feed at Horseshoe Meadows.  I was a bit nervous about water levels up there but my sources had told me it was still worth the trip.  Left the SF Valley about 9am,  got to Lone Pine about noon,   saw tons of people everywhere,  don't know if it was movies day or a parade or what.  It was about 80 degress,  61 when we got up to the Meadows,  and 52 when we left late in the afternoon.  The water was painfully low,   but there was still water,  and we did get some goldens, nothing huge,  but they did come out to play!  Elk Hair Caddis and Black gnats were the ticket.  I think Salim said he threw a Sierra Bright dot.  Lot's o' fun,  good way to end the season.  Nothing like flyfishing in a small Sierra meadow creek for Goldens with good company and blazing fall colors all around!
The Meadow and the creek:

A couple of quick shots of Sierra Gold before releasing them...

Eastern Sierra Forum / Horseshoe meadow
« on: October 03, 2012, 09:31:51 PM »
Any water up there?  I figure with the dry year we have had,  there might not be any water flowing thru the meadow.  Anybody been up there lately?  Jess looking for a lil intel...

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Rock Creek Republic report
« on: July 16, 2012, 12:51:17 PM »
Headed out of the SFV with the ole Navy Veteran about 8:30am Thursday morning and arrived at Palisades about 1:30 pm after making the normal stops in Mojave,  Coso Junction,  and Bishop.  Bill (Bstolton) and family were in the camp,  as well as Roy (Retired 96).  Roy talked about his great success the past few days in the heat on the Upper Owens,  and had the fish to prove it,  these were toads! 
After setting up camp I headed down to my secret spot,  which produced nothing!!  Creek was flowing well but a bit on the low side,  and later in the summer a lot of Sierra Creeks are gonna be lowww....I decided to head even further downstream and did pick up a stocker from this nice run and then caught and released a nice 10 inch brown from another nice stretch    
That evening we were getting ready to light up the pine cones to cook on when Roy insisted that he had extra corn and sirloin-thanks Roy!  Carol (Little Hardrock)  and her friend Misty showed up about dark,  so the camp was starting to fill a little bit.
The next morning after breakfast we headed up to scarf on pie and I fished downstream from the flats to the meadow above the lake,  caught a great variety of wild trout,  got sprinkled on a bit from the leading edge of a t-storm,  and had a great time as I weaved my way downstream

That evening I fished down from the Lodge to East fork,  observed this portrait as I walked through Pine Grove walking a bit more than fishing,  picked up a stocker and several browns,  and stopped in at spot 108 in East Fork to talk with Wayne (Packer) and family,  including his cool friend Dennis,  then picked up another stocker on the far side of the creek.  Also got a visit from Tim (creek dude) that evening,   and got to visit with Stacy (Rockncreek girl) and her husband. 
Next morning it was time for strawberry pie and then the parking lot at the Flats which reminded me a bit of CSUN,  we had to wait about 30 minutes to get a parking spot!  After that I did the hike with Carol and Misty,  getting as far as Long Lake.  Caught quite a few wild fish downstream from there,  also just above Heart Lake,  and in Ruby Creek as well
  I have never seen so many people in the Valley,  but it was still spectacular as always

Even saw a few gals hiking,  making me wonder where I could find one of them  :lol:
Of course,  this is the vista everyone just gasps at once they top Crankcase Grade,  without a cloud in the sky on this day
That night was the big feast in Palisades,  with tons of people there.  Salim brought some incredible beef bacon,  and packer of course showed up with his dutch oven goodies.  I hope I am including all that showed up:  Rockncreekgirl and her husband (thanks for bringing the grill Stacy!),  Packer and family,  Bstolton and family,  ABSN and their foreign exchange students,  Scout,  Marine one and family (thanks for the Shnapps Mike!), Carol and Misty,  Retired96,  and I am hoping I am not missing anyone!  It was good to see Fshrsmn as well,  as he begins his journey back up the canyon,  and later in the night,  Creekdude stopped by again.  Had a great time chatting with Tim about the history of the website and message board,  about some of the folks that have come and gone,  and how much the board,  the folks associated with it,  and the creek mean to all of us.  These are the best of the times!!

Took a quick trip yesterday to check out the creeks with Salim.  After getting a sandwich at Schatts,  we stopped at this lil flyshop on the way out of town.  Trace was really cool,  he did not have any egg patterns but tied some up right away,  very cool guy.  Check out Sierra trout magnet flyshop next time ur in town...
We got up to Mcgee and fished downstream for a ways below 395.  We caught several fish in the 12-17 inch range,  but it seemed like most of the fish had spawned and returned down to Crowley

Of course,  it would have been a sin to be so close to Rock Creek and not head up there!  Slow action on the flies,   but I did catch a future meal on spinners in the snow park area.  Great trip,  looonnnnnggggg day but worth it! 

Eastern Sierra Forum / What is your favorite slice of pie?
« on: May 09, 2012, 03:59:58 PM »
This was a poll I put on the old board,  thought it was time to add it here.  I put most of the flavors of pie I know of on the board. Did not add peach as I have never seen it available although legend says it has been served before.   If that is just rhubarb and not strawberry rhubarb,  maybe the mods. can change that for me.  Some other kind of pie I missed,  lemme know.  For me,  well,  you know...cheddar pear!!!

Anything Goes / Wounded warrior bass tournament at Castaic Lake
« on: April 23, 2012, 05:43:00 PM »
Helped out yesterday with a great event at Castaic Lake.  Sponsored by the topsticktour,   Friends of Castaic Lake,   and the L.A. County of Parks and rec.,  some service vets and their families came out to the lake for a great day of fishing,  food,  and fun.  We had volunteers with their boats come out and take these vets fishing for a few hours.  A couple of these guys actually got a tiny bit misty eyed when their names were called and they were awarded their plaques.  Great to honor these folks who honor us with their service...
Fish being sacked for the weigh in Volunteer boats getting ready to weigh in...

An army vet talking about how they caught their fish...
Tourney director talking with the Volunteer boater about their day on the water
Top finishers
BBQ crew Sherman the Marine getting a bit emotional...
Hanging with my buddy Eric,  he drove all the way in from Lancaster to volunteer

Eastern Sierra Forum / Favorite Rock Creek area day hike
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:54:33 PM »
Since we have a new board and are gearing up for the new season,  which I suspect might start a bit early with the light snowpack,  let's start a poll.  For me,  my fav. has to be up to Chickenfoot and back.  I always catch a ton of trout up there in the creek above the lake,  and usually see very few people.  I can't wait till July!!

Anything Goes / Bass fishing!
« on: March 25, 2012, 04:07:34 PM »
Good to see the board back!  For all you crazy folks who don't fish till opening day in the Sierras,  here are some pics for you-the  bass are biting at Castaic! Got out there with my cousin and caught a few nice ones.   Get out and fish everybody!  Soon!

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