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Update how the trip went...

Not to plan. 

The morning we were leaving trailhead a boy got sick. Had to redistribute food and some gear.  Edison ferry was very backed up and size of group required 2 ferries.  There was a  unexpected difficult water crossing.  Snow started at ~9k.  So first night was at silver pass lake which was frozen over (no fishing).  We had intended on camping at lake of lone Indian. 

Next day we started up silver pass and got there for breakfast but another boy was ill.  We turned around and we're going to reverse the hike starting by going over Silver Fox Pass.  My son and I were going to take the boy out and meet at graveyard meadows.  We took the boy out but were surprised when we met back up with the group were the climb started to graveyard lakes.  We were a few miles short.  Apparently some other boys were ailing. 

Next day we were planning on going over silver fox pass to Peter Pande but we had multiple boys ailing.  We went to graveyard lakes.  That was it for the ailing boys.  Some played at the lakes and some went to climb graveyard peak.  3 days in and we had less than 1 day of planned travel.  Much less snow here than silver pass area even though both are similar facing, similar altitude.

Next day we climbed to the top of silver fox pass.  Great climb if you like the rough passes which I like.   Problem was north side was full of hard snow and we did not have spikes/crampons.  We tried to by pass going west on the ridge but ridge soon got to be climbing difficult.  Going east was a scree field that I wanted to try but I was in the minority. So we headed out. 

We camped at VVR, talked to PCTers.   Next day was to be day hike to Dutch, hidden, and Crater.  You can probably guess.  Ailing boy (pretty much bed ridden) changed it so we did short hikes around Mono Hot Springs area (cross country to Devils table, cross country from there to Tule Lake, then Dorris).  Hit a few hot springs including Eden. 

How was the fishing?  Not that good.  On the way to/from silver pass in the meadow there were plenty of fish but we did not fish it.  Silver pass lake was frozen.  Graveyard meadows I usually catch 20 to 30 fish an hour, I caught 0.  A bunch of young boys had been fishing the meadow prior to our arrival.  It was likely fish were scared and hiding but it is also possible that the fish were not present in typical numbers. Graveyard lakes I caught 6, 2 boys caught 2 each.  No one else caught any.  I usually catch around 30 at the lakes most from the lowest lake.  Tule lake I got skunked.  I usually catch 30-40 bass an hour.   It had an algae bloom and was all red/brown.  I think it has had a major die off. Dorris I caught 0 trout.  You can catch shiners all day.  Dorris used to be a good trout lake (I caught 26" and a 21" rainbow from it many years ago) but now it is only a good swim lake.

I went back up a week later (much less snow in the high cup outcry) and fished Dutch (0 fish caught), hidden (4 large rainbows largest 15" plus 2 each from the 2 boys I was with: total 8 fish), and crater (6 Browns and large brooks plus 3 each from the 2 boys I was with: biggest 15" brook, total 12 fish).  I also fished bear diversion were I caught 1 14" brown (my boy and wife got skunked).  People coming down the bear creek/river had caught many. 

On initial trip we kept 3 fish from graveyard lakes for dinner.  On follow up trip We kept 2 fish from crater.  All other fish were released. 

I suspect these 2 trips to sierras are likely it for me this season (7 day and 10 day trips).  My son has another week planned in the sierras but I will not be joining him. 

Thanks to all who replied with information.  Unfortunately I only got to fish areas I had previously fished and did not get to use any of the information. 

Thanks for all the good intel.  I am not camping at Virginia but the description of it makes it seem like I have to fish there.  We are doing the trek in only 5 days so there are a lot of lakes to fish in a small amount of time. 

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: Favorite Lake Lure & Favorite Creek Fly
« on: June 13, 2016, 11:19:34 PM »
My first lure out is virtually always metallic red panther Martin not just at RCL.  At RCL creek I sometimes use gold kastmaster or gold super duper after the metallic red Panther Martin.

I have a Sierra trek planned starting next Monday and was hoping to get some Intel on some of the lakes I will be visiting (not all are East side).  Intel could include type of trout, lures/flies that work well or anything else relevant:
Purple lake
Lake Virginia
Lost keys lakes
Bench lakes
Marsh lake
Lakes around and including Peter pande lake
Indian lakes

Also visiting graveyard lakes and devil's Bathtub but I have fished those prior and know what to expect. 


Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: info on openings...
« on: May 06, 2015, 04:11:15 AM »
Anyone know the condition of road to Laurel lakes.  I realize May use would be very unusual but things have been very unusual.  I was thinking of using the trailhead there memorial weekend if road is usable by quads, motorcycles, etc.

Strictly Media / Re: 2014 Sierra Nevada Photos
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:15:50 AM »
I have hiked bear creek many times and it is beautiful. Between bear diversion and jmt junction I can catch browns ( lower elevation mostly), brooks (like fishing in a barrel) and golden (the most difficult on this stretch in part because the brook are so eager to get hooked).  The brook are small but the golden are fair sized and the browns are large (especially at the diversion). Beautiful country and great fishing. 

If you fish either San Joaquin or mono creek to catch a rainbow you can get the Sierra grand slam ( rainbow, brown, brook and golden in one day)

Has anyone tried the cirque lake that is close to the bear creek?  I attempted to get there in a high water year but could not safely cross bear creek which was more like bear river at that time.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Cottonwood lakes area fishing info sought
« on: March 02, 2014, 01:15:07 AM »
Cottonwood Lakes area does not open to fishing until July 1.   I've been to all the lakes if you want to PM me for details.


So south fork, long lake and cirque lake are closed for fishing until July 1?  I was hoping to climb Langley via new army pass and get some golden for dinner.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Cottonwood lakes area fishing info sought
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:56:06 AM »
Memorial weekend I was considering backpacking out of Horseshoe Meadow area (there are a few potential THs).  I want to fish but I would like to be able to have fish dinner so cottonwood Lakes do not meet the dinner desire. 

So I was curious about fishing prospects at south fork lakes, long lake, high lake, and cirque lake?  Do they have trout, what type (golden?), and how difficult to catch?


Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Re: 22nd-24th trip
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:46:38 AM »
Nice fish! PVR is really good right now. I've heard that it will only get better because they stock heavy for the blake Jones trout Derby. We are all aware that Rock Creek, Mcgee Creek and Laurel Lakes are closed till The last Saturday in April right? Just making sure. Good fishin!!

I was mostly curious for a potential visit.  I have a vehicle that can handle a lot of snow/ice.

I suspect I will not make it up there to fish until late May unfortunately. 

Eastern Sierra Trip Reports / Re: 22nd-24th trip
« on: February 26, 2014, 04:35:25 PM »

Now you can't go up there without stopping by Rock Creek!!! We tried to drive all the way to the lake, but the little snow that was there managed to close the road right at east fork. We just messed with the snow there and down at palisades.

Is the road closed or just impassable?   Also does anyone know correct conditions of road leading to Laurel Lakes?

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Rock Creek Road Construction Notice
« on: February 26, 2014, 05:30:43 AM »
Especially if the bike lane has bikes going in both directions in one lane.  I see enough knucklehead bicycle riders here in Carlsbad, most of them are clueless about the rules of the road.  As a motorcyclist, their blatant disregard for road signs and signals is maddening.  And that's not even the club riders.


Kaiser pass above Fresno is a single lane windy road of significant elevation and the only road into some significant areas of the sierras (Edison Lake, Florence lake, mono hot springs, bear diversion, etc.).  Every year there is a bike race up to kaiser pass and back down.  The bikes are racing on a 1 lane road being shared by cars.  One bicyclist was foolish enough to say something when their speed was impacted by 2 cars squeezing by each other.  The wife ripped into him about the stupidity of this race on this road.

To put it in perspective it would be similar to having a bike race to the end of the rcl road and back with the road being a single lane for the 2 way traffic.

I do not know if they are required to obtain permits for such a race but the race should not be allowed. Someone will get seriously hurt at some point.

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Ursack approved for Inyo County?
« on: February 14, 2014, 12:59:19 AM »
For canisters bearikade is the only way to go.  However I use ursack where canisters are not required.  They make the bearikade seem heavy.  I am doing jmt this summer.  I plan on switching to ursack at the resupply (after Yosemite).

Strictly Media / Re: 2014 Sierra Nevada Photos
« on: February 11, 2014, 12:59:45 AM »
I was headed south bound to the PCT/JMT so I ended up taking the Bear Creek trail.  Very pretty trail runs right up the canyon along Bear Creek, picturesque and the elevation gain was minimal.

Bear Creek Trail at the John Muir Wilderness/Sierra National Forrest Sign

One of my favorite trails.  You can catch browns, brook and golden between bear diversion and jmt.  Also bear diversion has good size browns, I average ~18". 
You caught rainbows?  I have never caught a rainbow from that creek but I like the thought of a Sierra grand slam from one creek.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: Golden Trout Lakes Advice
« on: January 24, 2014, 05:04:10 AM »
I have done the hike a couple times not using the trail but heading straight to the lake and going over the ridge.  By far the fastest way and not that bad.  For fishing I have done much better in exit stream than the lake.   I have not had an exceptional day.  3-4 golden is the best I have managed working maybe 0.25 miles downstream. 

If you want a nice lake with few people then it is nice.  If your primary reason for going is the golden fishing it is not that great.  I can do much better at lower Laurel (or the Laurel stream) for much less work.   I average >10 from lower Laurel and can drive to water edge of the upper Laurel. Only thing is that most of the fish caught at Laurel do not meet the size restrictions of that area (but some do :=).

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Resuming Search 7/30-8/4
« on: June 03, 2013, 06:31:29 AM »
I wish you the very best in your search effort.

Good luck.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / How is water level in creeks at Monache Meadows
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:46:48 PM »
It may not be East side ... Probably not West side either ...

I want to go to Monache Meadow this month but I am concerned with the dry year that the creeks may be trickles and not decent for fishing.  Can someone who has been up there this year let me know how the creeks are?

The wife has a bad leg and is coming which means that I cannot go on a long hike (short hike no more than 5-6 miles RT would be fine) to get to better fishing water (even though my son and I would love to get more remote by doing a longer day hike).

Any suggestions for where to fish in Monache Meadows with the above limitations?


Anything Goes / Re: Let it snow
« on: April 12, 2012, 02:05:56 PM »
The beach, trout fishing, and snow skiing in May! Not bad, not bad at all.

Maybe but I question what Sept or Oct will be like with this little water.  I fear rivers will be creeks and creeks will be trickles.

Eastern Sierra History / Re: Chuck Yeager Story
« on: April 12, 2012, 01:59:13 PM »
I find it strange that graffiti/damage that is old or from a famous person (in this case somewhat both) is worth protecting.

If my child did that I would have him volunteer a weekend to that park service or some other good cause as there really is no appropriate restribution for that damage.

This is not the first time I have seen this about old or famous people.  Pompay's Pillar has either Lewis' or Clark's signature (I cannot remember which) carved into the pillar.  It was protected under a pane of plexiglass when I last saw it.

Not quite the same but a castle in Switzerland has Lord Byrant's name carved into a column.  This is not quite the same as he was actually being held prisoner at the time so it is different.  It was also protected under a piece of glass when I saw it and appropriately so as the column has 100s of names carved into it and the signature would have been destoyed if it had been exposed (it is tougher now for people to carve their names into the column as there is an entrance fee and staff for this castle but my first time there it was pretty much visit at will).

Note I am not stating the Yeager signature should not be kept (it definitely should not be destroyed) but I am simply pointing out the irony that we are making a case to protect something that would likely tick most of us off if it where done by a regular person (say it stated "James Jones 1956") instead of Yeager.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: What is your favorite lure?
« on: April 10, 2012, 05:48:52 PM »
I like the metallic red (not painted red) Panther Martin.  In rivers and streams I go with a real small size and in lakes a medium size (always smaller than the full size Rooster Tails).  In rivers and streams it is always the first lure out of my box even if it is windy.  Unfortunately I find this Panther Martin slightly difficult to find in the stores where I live.

Super Dupers, Kast Masters, Phoebes get regular use especially when it is windy.  I like the gold color of each better than the silver but it may be superstition (based on a few awesome days).

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: PHOTOS FROM MY TRIPS
« on: April 10, 2012, 05:35:06 PM »
BTW Chris, I have been eyeing that boat for awhile. Hmmm, seems they are now out of stock.

I have seen this site before but wondered if the raft/boats are over priced cheap rubber or if they are in fact high quality and possibly worth the price.  So do some people on this site have one of these boats?  Do you like it?  I sometimes carry my float tube into the back country.  The weight adds up quick.  Float tube, waders, wader boots, fins, large (real large) backpack to carry it all, pump (I use mattress pump because it is fast), and then the various fishing gear, snacks, water filter (or water), 10 essentials, etc.

It would be great to eliminate much of the float tube weight with one of these light weight rafts.

So I am looking for some feedback on these rafts.

Eastern Sierra Fishing / Re: Opening Day
« on: April 10, 2012, 05:09:06 PM »
Unfortunately I will not be making opening of the Sierra trout season.  My first trip is currently planned for June (much later than I would prefer).  On the positive I also have a 2 week July trip to Sierras (Western side) planned.  I am sure that I will find time for a couple of trips that are not yet planned.

I do have nice plans for the opening trout weekend.   I will be backpacking Paria Canyon & Buckskin Gulch in Southern Utah that weekend.  It is supposed to be beautiful in a different way than the sierras.

Anything Goes / Re: Bass fishing!
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:26:28 PM »
I agree that bass taste fine but
1) they are not stocked and typically caught in high fishing areas (released for the benefit of the fishing sport)
2) they are not the simple clean of trout
3) the amount of bass to eat for its size is poor.  Typically the head is ~1/3 of the fish and the tail 1/4 of the fish.  A 14" fish may yield a 7" filet if you are lucky.
4) they are very easy to release even when using bait

Versus I catch a 12" trout I loose maybe 2" for the head and 2" for the tail leaving most of the fish..  The clean is easy.  They are either stocked or at fairly low fished areas. 

It has been well over a decade since I kept a bass.  I usually keep the trout that I can eat fresh (no freezing it for the off season).  I release all smaller trout and all trout that I will not eat by the next day.  I release for the benefit of the fishing sport and because frozen trout just does not taste as good as fresh trout.

Mono Hot Springs and Tule Lake are near the Fresno lakes.  The road to get there keeps the crowds down at most of that part of the Sierras; the road is 2 wheel drive but long and narrow.  Still I go up there every year at least once and I typically stay much longer (usually about 1.5 weeks) than I stay when I go East side.

Anything Goes / Re: Bass fishing!
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:07:31 PM »
Related to the topic ...

What is you Favorite Sierra bass lake? 

I know who goes to the Sierras to catch bass!!!!

Well I have a favorite.  The size of the bass is not good (biggest I have caught in the last decade is 14", most years ~12" is the biggest) but the solitude and the bite and catch rate are top notch.  It is fairly easy to get to and I average over 50 fish in less than half day (and I miss many bites because they are small mouth and I get rusty).

Seeing that I am not concered about the lake getting over fished ...

It is Tule lake out of Mono Hot Springs (I know it is not even East side) which is about a 2 mile hike.  Hike in your raft or float tube as it is not called Tule for nothing.  I use a half of a rubber 6" worm (so I use 3") rigged Texas style with the smallest worm hook I can find (normally I cannot find smaller than size 4).  Cast to the edge of the reed or on top of the lilly pads and drag off.  Most years if I am within 2' of the reeds I have a very good chance of getting a bite.

So I take my float tube and kick around the lake a couple of times.  Most the time I am the only one there and I have never had anyone else on the lake when I have been there (so when there have been people they have been on shore).  If I go 10 minutes without a bite it is slow.

If you like to catch bass it is great fun.  If you want to improve on setting the hook on bass it is great.

BTW long ago (more than a decage) I did catch some decent size one there (3-4 lbs) but I suspect it is over populated and therefore the bass are stunted (like many of the lakes that have the brook trout).

Eastern Sierra Forum / Re: Favorite Rock Creek area day hike
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:22:42 PM »
I also like Golden Lake but I do it X country over the top of the ridge which makes it a much quicker hike and less strenuous if you can tolerate a little exposure (it really is not that steep - I have done it with children) and off trail hiking (it is all off trail).  I have been to Golden and fished both the lake and the stream flowing out in half day.  Try doing that following the trails. 

The views from the ridge above Golden Lake is awesome.

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