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I have a Sierra trek planned starting next Monday and was hoping to get some Intel on some of the lakes I will be visiting (not all are East side).  Intel could include type of trout, lures/flies that work well or anything else relevant:
Purple lake
Lake Virginia
Lost keys lakes
Bench lakes
Marsh lake
Lakes around and including Peter pande lake
Indian lakes

Also visiting graveyard lakes and devil's Bathtub but I have fished those prior and know what to expect. 


Eastern Sierra Forum / Cottonwood lakes area fishing info sought
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:56:06 AM »
Memorial weekend I was considering backpacking out of Horseshoe Meadow area (there are a few potential THs).  I want to fish but I would like to be able to have fish dinner so cottonwood Lakes do not meet the dinner desire. 

So I was curious about fishing prospects at south fork lakes, long lake, high lake, and cirque lake?  Do they have trout, what type (golden?), and how difficult to catch?


Eastern Sierra Fishing / How is water level in creeks at Monache Meadows
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:46:48 PM »
It may not be East side ... Probably not West side either ...

I want to go to Monache Meadow this month but I am concerned with the dry year that the creeks may be trickles and not decent for fishing.  Can someone who has been up there this year let me know how the creeks are?

The wife has a bad leg and is coming which means that I cannot go on a long hike (short hike no more than 5-6 miles RT would be fine) to get to better fishing water (even though my son and I would love to get more remote by doing a longer day hike).

Any suggestions for where to fish in Monache Meadows with the above limitations?


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