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convict lake road construction
« on: July 03, 2015, 05:26:36 PM »
just so everyone knows...  we are not alone....

Convict Lake Road Construction Update:
On Tuesday, July 7th, 30 minute delays will begin along the Convict Lake Road. The road will be closed down past the turn off to the campground to utilize the area for staging of equipment. Pedestrian access will be maintained through this area; that could be either via the paved trail or via the road way. Day-use parking is available in the overflow/trailer parking lot. People should not utilize the campground to turn around, park or use the facilities. The campground is for people camping only.
Construction will be suspended for weekends and holidays.
As a brief reminder, the entire roadway will be reconstructed from the intersection with Highway 395 to the day-use parking area at the end of the road on the east side of the lake. The roadway will be widened and a bicycle lane will be provided on the uphill side.
The paved path around the east side of the lake will also be reconstructed. The result will be a fully accessible paved path with hardened access points down to the lake edge.
Hardrock, may his spirit live on in all of us.....