Author Topic: Last minute trip to the Eastern Slope  (Read 2693 times)


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Last minute trip to the Eastern Slope
« on: October 26, 2015, 07:24:25 AM »
Just returned yesterday afternoon from a trip up 395. The 3 of us landed at Rock Creek around noon Friday after working Bishop Creek for a couple hours just outside of Bishop. No luck there so we headed up Sherwin Grade.

I'd say the weather was balmy for this time of year. Highs in the mid 60's, lows in the mid 30's. No rain, with an occasional breeze. All of the Aspens were rocking fall colors as expected.

We camped at French Camp as no other campgrounds were open further up the canyon. We scouted the canyon and fished a few spots without any luck. No bites or any signs of trout to mention. Some folks at RCL had some fish, but word of mouth was slim pickens. One guy had 4 in the 10"-11", but claimed to have seen a 5 lb'er just cruising the shoreline without the slightest interest in feeding.

Back to camp for libations, campfire and an early start on a Tri Tip dinner cooked over an almond wood campfire.

In spite of a hardy celebration the evening before, we had a great breakfast, our site secured, and on the road further north by 9:00 a.m., destination...Virginia Lakes.

Beautiful lakes there were enhanced by all the Aspens in full bloom. The fishing was tough there too, I was only able to catch 2 (released) at Little Virginia, none at the big lake, and my buddies were shut out. After a few hours, we decided to fish our way back south towards camp.

The Loop also showed amazing color along that whole route. With the water so low, the entire upper body of Grant was dry with Rush Creek cutting its way across the dry lake bed. We were able to drive down into that lake bed right to Rush Creek, but it didn't offer any fish either. Continuing around the loop, we stopped briefly to try a roadside spot at Silver Lake. That entire lake was gorgeous. One buddy in our group had never been to the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains. So to say he was astounded would be an under statement. Unfortunately, no luck with fishing there, nor with anyone we spoke to. Ventured further towards 395 and worked Rush in a spot and my buddy Donny hooked up with a larger than pan sized trout, only to lose it about 5' from the bank. Urrrrgh!

Back to camp to celebrate our near total failure at fishing that day. The rookie on the trip kept raving about the beauty, and how he would of never released the trout I caught, lol. I told him I don't release all that I catch, but sometimes I don't feel like eating trout, and/or to lazy to clean them. If I don't eat them at camp, I'm not going to take them unless they're bleeders.

Even though the fishing was slow, the scenery was extra special due to the fall colors, and we were able to enjoy a newbie's reaction to it all.

We didn't shoot many pics, but I'll try to post some later if Photo Bucket don't mess with me like the last few times I've tried.

Always good to get a trip in regardless.

Be well!

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Re: Last minute trip to the Eastern Slope
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 11:12:21 AM »
Sounds like a good time was had by all, Paul. Look forward to your pics.
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Re: Last minute trip to the Eastern Slope
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2015, 01:54:41 PM »
I was up there myself the week before you and the fall colors were great as usual.  Fishing was better for me than for you but I was mostly fish in the higher backcountry waters where fishing tends to better anyway.  Regardless itís always great to be up there than not!

The entire upper body of Grant Lake was the driest I ever seen it!
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