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First post with a question also
« on: June 30, 2016, 02:10:02 PM »
FINALLY got to log in with the help of RC Lodge Thanks for the help!
Long time ES fishing (60+ years) mostly June area but with lots of other places sprinkled in. Dad made his first trip to June from LA in 1925, 2 day trip in a Model T. Average fish was 5 lbs. My first trip (according to Dad) was 1949 (3 yrs old). Have seen lots of things change over the years and have lots of historical memories filed away in the eye of the mind.
Geysers along 395 north of Mammoth, Carson's Cabins where the campground is now in June Lake. The building of June Mountain. The ice house in June being the repository of deer during season openings. Mammoth Airport  BEFORE it was taken over by the big jets crowd. Happy Jacks before the road was moved. Old Sherwin Grade that my Mom hated with the dead cars at the bottom.   Lots of stuff.

Now for THE Question-
For the past 25 or so years I've occasionally hiked up the road into Walker lake (near Grant) for some good fishing. I was also at June a year ago when the big fire started there and was on June when I saw the first smoke.

The question I have is - How does a private landowner (Walker Lake Cattle and Land Company) get their own gate to lock out access 2 miles from their property?
Anyone know the history of that road and gate?
I don't see private land extending down to the gate but maybe I haven't got good information on that one.
Also, at least in years past I"ve heard that the F&G stocked the lake. Don't know if they still do.
Have just always wondered about the legal situation on that road and gate.


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Re: First post with a question also
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2016, 06:46:10 AM »
The East end of the lake is private property with private membership only. Cabins, Boat ramp, dock, and storage buildings are all private property.  Not sure how they did it as Little Walker Lake is open to the public.  Only lake I know in the Sierra Nevada that has their own locked gate to a lake.

Little Walker Lake is being used as a brood stock lake for Kamloops Rainbow trout since the summer of 2014.  What that means is all adipose fin clipped rainbows now must be released back into the lake.  Brook and Brown trout can be kept and Rainbow trout with an intact adipose fin can be kept up to the legal limits.  You’ll see the signs at the trailhead.

Last time stocked was last year according to CDFW website, with nothing scheduled for this year as of this date.  When I visited Little Walker Lake last fall, about 50-60% of Rainbows I caught had the adipose fin clipped.
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Re: First post with a question also
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2016, 10:37:50 AM »
Now you have really piqued my interest.
I've never been one to rattle cages but this one has my interest.
Broodstock for what purpose? For what hatchery? For what DFG program?
I also thought that it was the only lake I knew of that was public but had a locked gate.
Who controls the gate?Who built the gate? Is it on public property? Forest property?
Just want to know the legal  basis to allow the gate?
My question is how you can you use public funds to stock a public lake but lock out the public yet allow private landowners access on the same road you keep the public off of? What is the legal basis?

Anyone with more historical information out there?