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Trip report 5/19-5/22

Left Riverside around 4:30 am Thursday morning with Fishin Boat in tow, headed for Crowley. Had a few traffic delays and pit stops along the way but arrived at the lake around 11:00 am, there was a mild breeze with the occasional gust. After passing inspection and paying our fees, we were warned of the approaching weather, Wind advisory with 40 mph winds expected by 1:00 pm. By the time we loaded our gear and launched the boat, there was 2-3 white caps and wicked wind, we were officially blown off Crowley. We put the boat in the slip and headed up the hill to RCL, after trying to fish in the wind for a couple of hours with no bites, we decided to head down the hill to Bishop for a sure thing, Mexican food and cold beer !!
Next morning woke up to more hard blowing wind, drove up to Crowley to check on the boat and the lake, wind and white caps !!!    Decided to try PVR as all the weather reports further north looked worse, when we got there it was nice and calm, walked past the Dam a ways to a spot had fished before, with in a half hour the wind started whipping through the canyon. Stuck it out for a couple of hours with no luck, so we decided to head up to Lake Sabrina. Conditions there were actually pretty good with only the occasional wind gust. Ended up C&R a dozen or so stockers on PW`s, got bored with the little fish and drove over to North lake. It was nice and calm there with no wind at all, but not one bite.
Saturday morning woke up to clear skies and no wind, Crowley here we come, within 45 mins we had 3 fish in the boat and both of us with our first ever Cutthroats.  After our initial flurry things slowed down but we still picked away, I unfortunately missed more than I caught, but my Buddy ended up having a great day. He got a Crowley Slam ( Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Perch ) LOL, with his biggest fish being a 4lb Cutty.
Sunday morning we fished a couple of hours at Crowley, with no luck before pulling the boat out and heading home. The wind got under my skin, but overall we had a pretty good time. Look forward to getting back soon.

gone fishn, hope to be catchn soon !