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East Fork
« on: July 31, 2017, 03:24:12 PM »
Just got home from 10 days at number 82 East Fork.  Drove right in and got our favorite campsite.  81 is great also.  As expected the creek is really high.  According to the camp host Shirley, the water at the bridge at 59 was right at the bottom of the bridge.  yikes.  It was about 1 1\2 foot under last week, so I'd say the flood stage was 3 ft over normal.  There was almost no place I could comfortably wade across the creek.  The only fishing I did in the creek was at the willows by the entrance.  OK on browns only.  Hosts say they stocked, but I don't think so.  Otherwise, fishing wasn't good for me, creek or lake.  Saw some guys doing well from float tubes by the inlet side on mini jigs.  Good times as always.