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Scouting the backcountry
« on: June 28, 2012, 02:11:08 PM »
Like the play on words? A friend and I went up the Canyon yesterday on a recon trip. We hiked up to the inlet of Box Lake, then crossed the creek and fished the east side, through the Hidden Lakes, back to the outlet of Box, down to the inlet of Heart, stayed on the far side to the inlet and outlet of Marsh, crossed the creek between Marsh and Mack, fished down to the inlet of Mack, then jumped up to the trail to hike out. Flyfishing all the way, the little brookies, and a few small rainbows, were very cooperative everywhere.  Mosuitoes were taken readily ( the fishing kind, not the biters), as well as Adams, Caddis, almost everything we threw at them. Stream crossings were easy, considering the lack of runoff. Biting mosquitoes were at a minimum, but be prepared for them.
This is where I'll be teaching and guiding. Anyone interested in taking an afternoon trip to catch some of these little guys can contact me through this board.