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Tamarack Trail
« on: September 12, 2012, 10:41:53 AM »
Did a little trip up to Dorothy and Tamarack Lakes last weekend. We had a little of everything back there. Hiked into Dorothy Friday. Dorothy is the a beautiful fishless lake. I know for a fact there were trout in there at one time. I fished and looked for any signs of trout, there was not one ring from a feeding trout. Beautiful Lake though. Great camping spots, and a good place to get a head start on the last big grunt up to Tamarack. Saturday we made the hike to Tamarack. We caught 7-9 inch Brookies on almost very cast. Way to many fish in this lake. We had a great time w/ light gear and the fly & bubble method. Kept 10 little pieces of Sierra Bacon that fried up great. On the way back to camp we got hammered by rain, hail, and lightning to close for comfort. Nothing like that flash, then 2 seconds later... Crack!!!! We were soaked and on the run. Weathered the next 2 hours in the tents before it let up. Headed to RCL Sunday where we caught lots of bows in the afternoon. Finally it was off to Toms Place and Mammoth for a shower. Fished Lake Mary Monday for a few, and we caught a few. Great trip! Going back to Iris Meadow in 2 weeks!!! I got to get more bag nights in before the season ends. good fishin!
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Re: Tamarack Trail
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What a great trip you guys had. Happy to hear you were catching fish at RCL. I've been wondering if maybe we should just take our tubes to Crowley this weekend. Thanks for the report.


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Re: Tamarack Trail
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Thanks for the report, looks like you had a good trip.  :clap:


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Re: Tamarack Trail
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Sorry to hear we lost another golden lake to the Brook Trout.  For those who never been up to Tamarack Lake, Tamarack is surrounded on 3 sides by 13,000 foot high peaks and ridges giving it the feeling of another world. Tamarack Lake itself, a dark lake situated in a glacier cirque with a massive rock jutting up from the middle of its dark waters.  Itís quite an experience being in such a scene.  Not a place I would want to be in a serious thunderstorm!

I figured Dorothy Lake was fishless, but did you get a chance to check out Francis Lake?  Itís been on the stocking list for a few years now, just hoping they put Cutthroats in there.

Thanks for posting your trip!
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Re: Tamarack Trail
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Sounds like you had a good trip, even with the weather.
Be up that way in about a week or so, hoping for good weather and cool colors.
gone fishn, hope to be catchn soon !