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CCC Camp
« on: December 08, 2012, 02:46:05 PM »
Another beautiful day in the Sierra, clear, warm and calm. I waited a few days after the last "storm", not much to write home about, but I wanted to wait until the road was dry going up the Canyon to go look for the CCC Camp. Using RCGirl's picture as my guide, I think I found where it, RCGirl, if you want to search for yourself, don't read any farther....
Just before you get to Big Meadow, there's a sort of a driveway on the left, a few years ago the Forest Service (nobody else would have done this) put some boulders across the entrance to a large, flat expanse of dirt...there's a bunch of old campground signs stacked back there, piles of dirt that have been put there over the years...the whole thing is shielded from the road by a grove of aspens, you can only see the driveway.
I think that might be the spot. I walked back there, climbed the hill a little ways, started comparing the skyline in the picture to what I saw. I couldn't find the exact spot where the picture was taken, but it's the only place that lines up just makes sense. It's a large space. lots of room for the various buildings they may have had in the camp. I'll have to go back next summer whan the snow is gone (not much there, but enough to make it a pain in the ***), with the picture in hand, and find the right spot....I hope.
An interesting the 50's, my Grandfather (after Tom died in 1940, my Grandmother remarried, on Tom's recommendation, another story in itself) use to go to this spot to dig up worms for fishing...the CCC cook's garden?
I love this stuff, it keeps me busy.


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Re: CCC Camp
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 06:35:10 PM »
I know the area you are talking about and you are right, the Forest Service blocked access due to some illegal dumping.  I will have to check it out next year as that is a large open area that would of made for a nice camp area. 
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