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20 Lakes Basin - September 15-19
« on: September 20, 2014, 09:13:57 AM »
Took the Mrs. so we stayed at the Tioga Pass Resort, that's as close to roughing it as she gets!  5 beautiful days, Mon-Friday.  Drove up from Ventura on Monday, a long 6.5 hrs. with one stop for gas in Bishop.  BTW, Paiute Casino gas station at the north end of town is the cheapest gas in Bishop. 

The fishing was absolutely terrible.  Fished some small rainbows in Lee Vining Creek, a tiny Brown at Shamrock and zippo at Steelhead.  Fished the inlet from Cascade and used a bubble fly with #16 Sierra Bright Dot. I watched a fish touch it with his nose and move on, it was hilarious.  Caught a ferocious little Brown in Shamrock and he actually gave me an angry look as if to say "put me back into the lake and be careful with that hook".  Best fish was a nice Brookie (Adams) in Lee Vining Creek and was able to release him unharmed, he too was none to happy with my company. 

The weather was beautiful but windy up in the Basin and fishing mid day is never going to be ideal but it was a great trip to some beautiful country.
Taxi was running on the hour and seemed to be very busy as was the TPR.  Caught some smoke and haze coming out 6 AM Friday morning and it was fuzzy all the way to Little Lakes.  Thanks to everyone for all the tips and observations.  lf

The TPR was simple but nice and clean and that hot shower every night makes it well worth it.  A great couples getaway and will be back next year.  lf
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Re: 20 Lakes Basin - September 15-19
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 04:40:35 PM »
Sounds like you had a good time.   I was up there about two weeks prior to your trip, and the fishing was great. But I was matching what the fish were eating. And it always changing. The most common insects I see hatching in 20 lakes Basin are Mayflies, Caddis and Midges. Once you know how to identify,  it's fish on!

By the way, it was Mayflies all over the lakes for us.   Black Gnat or Griffith Gnat was killing them.  And if it's windy where you're fishing, go to another lake that's out of the wind.   With 20 lakes and many creeks to choose from,  it's not hard to a productive lake to fish.

Tioga Pass Resort is a great place to stay. Lot of history there.
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