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Last trip of the season
« on: October 26, 2014, 07:39:12 PM »
Arrived French Camp last Tuesday morning, upper loop was closed but the host allowed me in my favorite site, making me the only camper in the upper loop. I had to close the gate every time I left but it was nice having no one near me...There were only 5-6 other campers the whole 5 days I was there...

Fished the upper Owens below the monument using lures but was only able to catch about 4, water is very low... Spent a couple days fishing the Owens in Bishop and it was very low,, but the river was fairly clear which allowed me to see all the trash people have thrown in the river... In one area below Warm Springs I saw 3 aluminum chairs in the river... I went to fish at Warm Springs but the river was totally overgrown with vegetation preventing any access to the water...In just the last year it has grown like that.. I did have a good spot below Line Street with deep water where I managed to catch 8 rainbow, 3 in the 15-16 inch range...  I went down near Collins road and while walking along the bank I saw a area that had at least 75 huge carp all bunched up in one area..

Fished Convict one day and managed two but the wind was miserable all day, seems every time I fish Convict the wind is howling....

The weather was perfect the entire time, lows at night were in the upper 30's and no wind....Saw a lot of deer along Benton Crossing while driving to the river...Never bothered going to the lake, didn't want to get stuck in the const. delays.  Camp host said the road is repaved down to East Fork...

Looking back over the season and my 7 trips I must say the overall fishing was pretty slow and fish were much smaller than years past...Don't know why DFG planted such small fish as they did this season...

Looking forward to next year and pray this state gets the rain/snow we so desperately need.  I plan on 4-5 trips to Bishop before the next season.


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Re: Last trip of the season
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 07:00:21 AM »
Nice of the host to let you camp at your favorite site in the upper loop at French Camp.  I was up the week before you and fished the Upper Owens chasing the Caddis bite and did OK.  Have not fished the Upper Owens in years but it seemed very weedy in the river.  But that was too my advantage as I used a dry fly fishing that section.  Filled my trash bag I brought with the trash people dumped before me.  Whatís wrong with people trashing such a beautiful area?

Any time I fished the high country the wind was howling as you said.  Been like that for me most of season.  Even going early doesnít help.

Still itís nice to get away and enjoy the Eastern Sierra one more time. :fishing3:
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